Missions Resource Team

Mission Statement:

To serve Free Methodists as together we make disciples among the peoples of the world.


  • Church planting and evangelism
  • Leadership development
  • Compassion ministries/Justice issues

Missions Resource Team

Bishop WhiteheadBishop Matthew Whitehead
Liaison Bishop to Board of Bishops

Deb 1 2013Deb Miller
Missions Resource Team Leader
Missionary processing – extended term and VISA Voyagers
Training for teams and individuals serving overseas
e-mail: fmcvisa@gmail.com

Cross Cultural Consultation

David Yardy croppedDavid Yardy
Missiological perspective
Cross-cultural issues
email: fmmdyardy@aol.com


Judy Litsey croppedJudy Litsey
Resource development
Missions web content manager
Social networking
email: judy.litsey@fmcusa.org

Paula GillespiePaula Gillespie
Free Methodist World Mission Pulse magazine
Missions Alive! children’s missions curriculum
Missions Hotline – weekly prayer update
e-mail: paula.gillespie@fmcusa.org

Pam Sheads croppedPam Sheads
Office oversight/receptionist
Commitments to Missionary and Country Support Accounts
Resource orders
Free Methodist World Mission Pulse magazine subscriptions
e-mail: pam.sheads@fmcusa.org

Member Care

Kathi Walker 2Kathi Walker
Missionary member care
Security/crisis management
Organization of missionary debriefings, training and retreats
e-mail: kathi.walker@fmcusa.org

Jen Veldman.2013Jennifer Veldman
Personnel records
Assistance to missionaries in transition
e-mail: jen4missions@gmail.com

Missionary Personnel Placement Director

Beth Cullison.2013Beth Cullison
Ministry assignment for those serving a year or longer
e-mail: beth.cullison@fmcusa.org

VISA Ministries

Jonathan Eccles 2Jonathan Eccles
VISA ministry teams
VISA Fast Trackers
Insurance registrations and processing of payments
General assistance to MRT leader
email: jonathan.eccles@fmcusa.org

Financial Liaison

John Fajardo croppedJon Fajardo
Financial reports
Problem solving
email: jonathan.eccles@fmcusa.org

770 N High School Rd
Indianapolis, IN 46214
phone: 800-342-5531
fax: 317-241-1248

Inquiries for ICCM (International Childcare Ministries) can be directed here.

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