Coordinator of the Hungarian Set Free Movement Begins Work

by Larry Winckles, Budapest, Hungary
March 29, 2016

Kóber IldikóIt is with great pleasure that we announce the employment (effective April 1) of Kóber Ildikó with the Hungarian Bread of Life Foundation (Élet Kenyere Alapítvány).

Thanks to commitments of support from churches and individuals in the United States, Ildikó Kóber officially begins work as the Coordinator of the Hungarian Set Free Movement and as the Director of the foundation’s Life Skills Program. Prior to this time she has served as a volunteer with the foundation.

Her work will include building and strengthening connections between organizations working against human trafficking in Hungary, developing awareness and sensitivity training programs, and planning and implementing a Life Skills Program to assist individuals who are unemployed, underemployed, or at risk of being trafficked.

Ildikó Kóber is a former educator and school administrator with many years of experience. In addition, she is a local ministerial candidate in the Budapest Free Methodist Church, where she serves as an assistant pastor.

The Hungarian Bread of Life Foundation was established in 2000 as a public-service foundation with a specific directive to work with the poor, disadvantaged, and disenfranchised in Hungary. Its charter includes social, cultural, and religious activities. The foundation serves as the legal identity for the work of the Free Methodist Church in Hungary.

For further information contact:
Larry Winckles
President, Bread of Life Foundation

Watch this video to learn more about Ildikó Kóber.

She tells her story of losing almost everything of value in her life but finding true meaning and purpose in Jesus Christ.

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