The Other Side of Partnership Building

Support-Raising-no-textPartnership Building is hard and stressful work. Just ask any newly appointed missionary (or any missionary currently serving). They could tell you about challenges like:

     Driving thousands of miles
     Keeping kids entertained in the car for hours at a time
     Sleeping in a different bed every week
     Disrupting family schedules
     Spending hours on the phone or computer arranging schedules
     Living out of a suitcase

Or worse yet … they could tell you about the struggle to keep on trusting as they watch their expected departure date draw nearer and nearer without all the commitments and funding they are required to have being in place.

Missionaries involved in Partnership Building could also tell you about the other side of Partnership Building – the joy of partnerships.

Matt and Christine Sauder, who are in the process of raising their support to go to the Philippines, relate such an experience in their recent newsletter.

Amazing Missions Conference

by Matt and Christine Sauder

At the beginning of the month (May) our family traveled to Janesville, Wisconsin. Compass Church (formerly called Emmanuel Free Methodist Church) put together their very first missions conference. Three sets of missionaries were a part of the conference: Thom and Sherry Cahill, who are preparing to go to Kenya, local missionaries Bob and Penny Monte, who run a wonderful ministry called Gifts Men Shelter which reaches out to the homeless men in Janesville, and our family. This was an amazing conference. We want to share about our experience because we found this to be a great way to get involved with missions as a whole and to personally get to know your missionary(ies).

potluck dinnerFriday evening, we had a delicious international potluck with the church. We had great food and great fellowship as we got to meet and eat with people.

Saturday evening, three host families hosted an informal fellowship meal in their home. Church members could choose which home to go to. As we sat in the living room and ate, shared, prayed, answered questions we really got to know the people. It felt like we were a family just talking over a meal. It was such a wonderful way to get to know the church members so we could partner together in ministry.

Prayer for missionariesThen, on Sunday morning during the church worship service the missionaries were led in by members of the church and children by a parade. We all wore our international garb and were then prayed for. Matt Matt preachespreached a sermon on “To the ends of the earth.” After the sermon the pastor challenged the congregation to make a monthly monetary pledge towards missions. The total pledges were split and they now support the Cahills, the Montes and us regularly.

It’s such a wonderful thing when the whole church comes together, invests, gets to know us and then promises to pray and give toward us and our ministry. Instead of just coming to visit on a Sunday, we really got to know the people and were blessed to have a new amazing partner with Compass Church. This was truly a great weekend of partnership building, not just financially, but more importantly in relationship and partnership.

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