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June 27, 2016


The town in which Pastor “I” is serving is one of the most difficult towns for ministry. It has a “majority population” opposing his ministry. They throw stones at him on his way to the church. Pastor “I” responds: “I will not leave the ministry, for I have a vision not only for this town but also for the surrounding villages. I am still standing against the storm. The Lord encourages me always in the midst of all these circumstances by bringing new converts to Him even from among the ‘majority population.’”

Prison Ministry:

“We are very grateful to God for opening a door for ministry among convicts in prison. We have started this ministry by hearing the Lord’s voice telling us to preach to these prison convicts. There are almost 156 prisoners we visit regularly and talk to them about Christ and about salvation. Many have come to know the Lord through this ministry.

“We reach out to the prisoners’ families, and share with them the good news and encourage them. Home groups were formed out of these meetings.”

Pastor “B” writes:

“During my prison visit, I met a prisoner convicted to life sentence. He had no hope and was considering suicide mainly because he claimed to be innocent. Having heard his story, I shared with him the message of salvation stressing the fact that sin is like prison and many people who are “free” are prisoners of their sins. You have hope in everlasting life by accepting Jesus and in heaven there is no pain and tears but joy and praise. He asked me to pray with him and he accepted the Lord Jesus as his savior. Now he shares his faith with other prisoners.

“During one of our visits to prison, while we were ministering, one prisoner over-hearing us talking to Christian prisoners asked:’Did God tell you to only care for the Christian prisoners?’ I answered him ‘no’, but the security of the prison will not allow us to serve ‘majority’ prisoners. He went and talked to the prison chief saying, the ‘majority’ do not visit us, we need these people (Pastors “B” and “H”) to speak to us. Permission was granted to us to speak to all prisoners. So we started to speak about the love of Jesus to all, Christian and ‘majority’ prisoners.”


We thank God for the body of Christ that brings us together everywhere. Also, we are grateful for the leadership of the ministry abroad and for all the faithful supporters and their financial support and prayers.

Prayer requests:

Please pray for the ministry in the days ahead. There are still 175 villages which are deprived from the word of God. Pray also for us and for our families in Egypt.