September 26-October 2, 2016

Sept. 26, Mon. – Southeast Asia, David & Sherrill Yardy
Pray for literature to be developed for the growing church in South Asia and that it will help believers mature in their faith.
Birthday: Sherrill

Sept. 27, Tues. – Uganda
Pray for the ongoing success of the training partnership under the Kenyan FMC as pastors from Kenya and Uganda learn from one another.
Birthday: Ken Myers, Kenya

Sept. 28, Wed. – Chile
Pray for deep and wide church growth that will reach into every corner of Santiago, where FM presence is now in four of 32 city areas.

Sept. 29, Thurs. – Iraq
Pray two English-speaking Kurdish women of peace will be found to work in FM ministry.

Sept. 30, Fri. – Paraguay
Pray for outreach activities to bring whole families to a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Oct. 1, Sat. – Asia
Pray those who attended the Young Leaders Missions Congress in Cambodia in August put into practice principles they learned and lead others to Jesus.

Oct. 2, Sun. – Brazil, Dan & Hope Owsley
Praise the Lord for His work among women who attended a retreat in the Brasilia area. Pray for a continued desire to remain close to Christ.