May 01 – 07

May 01, Mon. – Philippines, Roger Stone
Pray for the Ayta Abellen Bible Translation team as they work together on reviewing the whole New Testament to check for consistency of terms and to make sure every verse is as clear and natural as it can be before it is published sometime in 2018.

May 02, Tues. – FMWM Global
Pray for the Free Methodist World Missions home office in Indianapolis that is undergoing reorganization to align global mission efforts with the rapidly changing environment of global ministries.
Birthday: Deb Miller, Missions Staff

May 03, Wed. – Creative Access, Mark & Lena
Join in prayer with Mark and Lena that many in their city and immediate community will be drawn to God in faith.

May 04, Thurs. – Ukraine
Pray for national leaders Lean and Misha Petrochenko who have joined with another Christian couple to provide support for soldiers of the war in eastern Ukraine and their families.

May 05, Fri. – Latin America, Delia Nuesch-Olver and Paul Olver
Praise the offering of $1240 (U.S.) – a significant amount given the economy – at the Mexico Provisional General Conference for a creative access country in Latin America. The Puerto Rico Provisional Confernce decided to match that and took an offering for the same country.

May 06, Sat. – Hungary
Pray for the open House at the Budapest Ministry Center for the renovated cellar room and Life Skills program. Pray for the developing ministry and new open doors in the community.

May 07, Sun. – International Child Care Ministries (ICCM)
Praise the Lord for the many churches and individuals who have give to ICCM for Haiti relief following a hurricane and Philippines relief following flooding.