A Special Report

By Thom and Sherry Cahill, Kenya


During these last six months, since we returned to Kenya, God has been working. We are excited to report some of these ways:

1. Discipleship Training. God has used us to disciple pastors and spouses and lay leadership. From one-on-one to group settings, God has opened the hearts of these leaders and they have shown a desire to grow deeper in Him.

2. Leadership Development. We have been working with the Kenya leaders in various areas. Pastors and lay leadership are responding favorably as we conduct seminars across Kenya. It is exciting to see God working in their lives as they impact many now and in the future.

3. Language Acquisition. We have studied Swahili for about three months now. So far, we have learned how to greet people and speak basic sentences. We are continuing to take lessons.

4. Bible School. Thom has been teaching classes at the Springs of Hope Bible School, while Sherry organizes insights into the curriculum structure.

5. Adjustments to Field. We have adjusted well to Kenya including adjustments to food, public transportation, shopping and our living arrangements.

6. Relationship Building with Leadership. We are happy to report that we have been able to build relationships with many pastors and leaders in Kenya. The Bishop, conference superintendents and district superintendents have been especially helpful.

7. Teaching / Preaching / Mentoring. Thom has preached at several locations in Kenya over the past six months. Every time we travel we attempt to encourage pastors and lay leaders to dig deeper into God and his Word. God has provided many opportunities for group and one-on-one mentoring and teaching. Thom’s teaching and preaching has also been well received.

8. ICCM Involvement / Boys School. We have been involved in the Boys High School in Soy. Thom has preached and we have been able to spend time with the principal, teachers, staff and students.

9. Visa / Work Permit. We are excited to report that our work permit has been approved but we have not received it yet. There was a requirement to do a site visit at the school and God worked it out for the site visit to occur while the students, director and chair of the board were present. The permit was approved the week we happened to be in Nairobi. However, when we went to pick up the permit, we were told to come back in five to seven days. Although it seems like a long process and drawn out over time, we believe God’s timing is perfect.