ABCs for Long and Fruitful Relationships with Supporters

from The BodyBuilders

Consider tithing your ministry time to your support team: prayer, writing, calling, ministering.

Thank before you bank (when a new person or new gift comes in). Be prompt and professional in all of your correspondence and record keeping.

Regularly send (or email) well-written newsletters. Share how their investments are paying off along with some specific prayer requests. Occasional postcards, phone calls and visits are great too. Beware: The main reason people drop off support teams is that they do not hear from their missionary.

Win, Keep, Lift. When you win a donor they are now on your team. Keep them on the team by caring for and cultivating them. Periodically, ask them to consider lifting (increasing) their monthly or annual gift to you. Campus Crusade had a campaign where they were asking people to give 1 million dollars to their ministry. Almost 250 people said “yes!” Research showed, though, that the very first gift that each had made to this ministry years earlier had been on an average … mere $10! Someone had taken the time to win, keep, and (over the years) lift them!