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Glenn Lorenz

Africa Area Associate Director



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Glenn Lorenz began serving as the Africa Area Associate Director in October 2022. His work focuses on recruiting, onboarding, training, and coaching missionary teams to live in Africa and support the national church leaders. This revitalized focus will strengthen the connection between the U.S. church and FM ministries throughout Africa.

Glenn and his wife, Wendy, began serving as FMWM missionaries on the Latin America team in 2017. Glenn had experience working with missionary teams and developing healthy leaders in Latin America. Before his missionary service, Glenn chaired the Ministry and Theology Department at Central Christian College of Kansas, planted a church in Arizona, and served a church in the Sierra Pacific Conference.

Glenn’s wife, Wendy, serves the FMWM team in Latin America and globally, caring for Third Culture Kids (TCKs). 

Children: Libby, Isaac, Jakin, Ellie

Pray For

  • future FM missionaries to Africa who will respond wholeheartedly to the Lord’s call
  • church leaders and missionaries to seek the Lord with all of their hearts
  • the Lord to continue mobilizing workers
  • wisdom and discernment for Glenn
  • wisdom in identifying and empowering workers to serve in Africa
  • Glenn and Wendy’s four children to learn trust in God for all of life’s circumstances

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