Free Methodist World Missions is pleased to introduce our newest members of the Asia Team, Dr. Thom and Dr. Sherry Cahill. The Cahills will concentrate on leadership development. They will help to recruit and schedule teachers for live Gethsemane Leadership Training modules—also scheduling themselves to teach in the topics of

FMWM-Europe is pleased to announce the beginning of new work in Albania, under the leadership of Algent and Erjona Bregu as community engagement coordinators. Algent works full-time as a barber and engages his community through cycling, fishing, and camping ministries. He has also participated in Community Church Planting (CCP) training

Dr. Ricardo Gómez, the Latin America Area director, is pleased to announce that Pastor Andrea Tinsley has been approved as an Associate Missionary to Latin America. Andrea has served as the youth pastor at Wilmore Free Methodist for the past 11 years and has been active in conference and national

Rev. Josué (Josh) Fajardo, the Europe Area Director for Free Methodist World Missions, is pleased to announce new missionary appointments. Moisés and Jacione Souza have been appointed as International Missionaries and are currently serving in São Tomé & Príncipe. Cida Matos has been appointed as an International Missionary and is