by Roger Stone [March 13, 2016] Roger is involved in training and consulting with the local Bible translation committees for the Ayta Abellen, Ayta Ambala and Ayta MagIndi people groups in the Philippines. This past week the Ayta Abellen team reached a milestone. They submitted their 26th New Testament book

Eric Spangler, Asia Area Director, has announced the following appointments in Asia: New Asia Area Administrator Rev. Seth Van Tifflin has been appointed as Asia Area Administrator. Ordained in the Southern Michigan Conference of the FMC in 2015, Rev. Seth Van Tifflin was appointed, along with his wife, Hlawn Hlawn,

by Paul Olver It was drinking and drugs that took him to the town of Durazno, Uruguay. Sebastian Carballo wound up in front of the Free Methodist Church because bicycles were there, just waiting to be stolen. Someone saw him and invited him to come in for the service. He