by Pastor Bruce Cromwell, Central FMC, Lansing, MI Basundhara Pokhrel was the matriarch of a large Bhutanese family that began attending our church in the fall of 2010. Relocated to Lansing from refugee camps in Nepal, she and her family first connected with our ministry through our midweek ESL* program.

by Julie Yerger, Rwanda As I’ve said before, I like thinking outside the box and being creative. But this project was literally “out of a box” and much more creative than even I could imagine! A physical therapist came from Kigali and taught us how to make cardboard furniture for

by Tim and Lily Kinkead, Taiwan Two ladies were baptized at our baptismal service on Resurrection Sunday. One of the ladies is Liu Jen, a 75 year old woman. Her daughter Helen was one of Tim’s English class students in his early days at the Chung Lun FMC. Helen’s two