Baby of the Month: Marianne

By Julie Yerger, Rwanda

Marianne delivered twin boys at home. She kept them there, because she was hoping to avoid hospital costs. One baby died the first day; the second one she brought to the hospital when he was three days old. He weighed only 2.5 lbs. but was born at 40 weeks, it seems his twin brother got all the food before they were born!

Marianne struggles to care for her tiny baby. She can’t count to 12 and doesn’t read a clock. Many times, she feeds her baby 2-4 hours late, which makes a big difference when he’s only 2.5 lbs.! Other mothers have pitched in to help remind her to feed him on time, and slowly he’s growing and almost ready to go home!

Now we’re coordinating with the community health workers to make sure Marianne feeds her baby correctly once she’s home. This little guy has been a team effort; the other mothers, my nurses and I all want to see him do well! Pray for Marianne that she’ll be able to give proper care to this little guy.