Birth of a Bible Study Group


Sixty-year-old Etana has cancer and is unable to leave her home. The priests of the church she used to attend have not visited her for many years. “I was forgotten by the church I used to attend,” she says. As a result of her illness and loneliness, she became a very depressed and angry person. Friend and family found her very difficult to be around.

Ihsan, Free Methodist and Impact Middle East (IME) ordained pastor and leader of home group ministry in a Middle Eastern country, visited her relative Etana. Etana was not very friendly to Ihsan on the first visit. That did not deter Ihsan from visiting her almost weekly. Etana’s attitude warmed toward Ihsan, who began to share with her the Word of God and His love shown on the cross. Etana opened her heart to Jesus and committed her life to Him.

Ihsan brought an audio Bible to Etana so she could listen to the Word of God while lying in bed. Etana asked Ihsan to teach her the Bible. Ihsan prepared a Bible lesson and went to Etana’s home to teach. To her surprise, Ihsan found not only Etana but also Etana’s sisters waiting to hear the Word of God. When the time for the next lesson came, Etana had invited her neighbors as well. The meeting became a Bible study group.

Etana thanks God for what He has done in her life. She has become a more tender and loving person.

*Names are pseudonyms, switch to protect the women’s identities