Black T-Shirts … Work Together for Good?

by Don and Kathy Williams, Chiang Mai, Thailand
October 16, 2016

Yes it’s true. “We know that for those who love God, all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose.” Even black t-shirts.

A few weeks ago, Pastor Joshua expressed to the Lord that he believed the church should hold its annual church Christmas party again this year. Yet he knew there were no funds to cover the extra expenses.

He prayed anyway, seeking the Lord, and heard Him say, “Celebrate by joining with another church in Fang, Thailand. Make the event all about ministering and celebrating with the children, their families, and the unreached community in the village where the church is located.”

The challenge with his vision was that it still required funds the Chiang Mai FMC didn’t have. Pastor Joshua testified today in church how the Lord gave him the idea of ordering t-shirts and selling them to raise funds to help make this vision possible.

Pastor Joshua wearing black t shirtA couple weeks ago he went to various shops to find red shirts in the spirit of the Christmas season. He quickly discovered after visiting many shops not only did they not have red, they didn’t have green or any other color, except black. He thought he’d better go back to the church and see if the members agree that black would be OK for Christmas.

Black Clothes Sold OutNow for the rest of the story (a Paul Harvey segue). The church agreed, black could work. Two weeks ago the t-shirts were ordered. They arrived this week – the same week the King of Thailand died. The country is in a period of 100 days of mourning, marked by government employees being asked to wear black. Guess what color shirt is now sold out? The price of this particular colored shirt has now increased by more than THB100 ($3.50). And now the color is not available anywhere. A headline in Sunday’s “Bangkok Post” says it all: “Black clothes sell out …”

A coincidence? A surprise to God? Or did God have a plan for the church all along? Does He care about the seemingly “little things” of life? We all know the answers to these questions.

In the same way, does He have a plan for our lives? Does He care about the seemingly unimportant little and big things in our lives? Yes, of course He does.