Brazilian General Conference Re-Elects Bishop

III Concilio Geral

On November 11, 2015, Bishop Jose Ildo was re-elected at the third General Conference of the Brazilian Free Methodist Church. U.S. Bishop David Roller, who presided over the election process, states:

Bishop Cecilio Osoria, from the Dominican Republic, and I are pleased to announce that we witnessed the re-election of Bishop Jose Ildo Swartele de Mello in the 3rd General Conference of the Brazilian Free Methodist Church. Bishop Jose Ildo was first elected in 2003 as their suffragan bishop, then was elected bishop in their first General Conference in 2007, re-elected in 2011 and now has been re-elected once again. There is a great spirit of unity and progress in the Brazilian FMC as evidenced by the overwhelming majority that voted for Bishop Jose Ildo. Congratulations to Bishop Jose Ildo and his wife, Cristina. Let us all join in prayer for the Brazilian church during this Decade of Harvest.”

In his report to the conference, Bishop Ildo cast vision for the next five years of the Brazilian FMC, including these numeric goals:

  • 15 percent annual membership growth
  • number of churches and pastors doubled by 2020
  • number of churches with more than 500 members doubled by 2020

Bishop Ildo’s five-year projection pointed to responsibilities borne by pastors and leaders, churches, individual members and governing bodies, such as:

  • pastors and leaders remain faithful to Wesleyan/Arminian doctrine
  • pastors and leaders develop new pastors and leaders
  • each member become an evangelist
  • each church plant a church
  • careful consideration that each pastoral or missionary candidate demonstrate evidence of maturity and fruit before approval or ordination

While recognizing difficulties and praising God for advances, Bishop Ildo believes the next five years will be a period of fruitful kingdom growth for the Brazilian Free Methodist Church: “It is possible because God exists!

Bishop Ildo's Family cropped

Bishop Ildo, Christina and Family

Photo Album of the Third Brazilian General Conference

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