Camilo & Magaly Mora

Spain – Associate/VISA

Camilo and Magaly are appointed to Europe and plan to join the team in Madrid, Spain. They will be part of the training center helping to implement a Community Church Planting strategy through the impact Europe - L10E Network, where national leaders are developed to reach others.

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Pray for:

• God’s wisdom as we transition from our ministry, house and neighborhood in the US to Madrid, Spain.
• Our local church in Paterson NJ as they also go through a period of transition. May the Lord provide wisdom and discernment.
• Our work in Europe - as we serve God building relationships with nationals, strategically developing leaders throughout Europe and finding ways to present Jesus’s love in the midst of the refugee crises.
• Pray that God would give us opportunities and use our ministry to bring more people to Him.


Camilo – November 28

Magaly – November 10


December 6

Contact Camilo and Magaly: