Wilkins Family


The Wilkins family moved from Cambodia to Japan in early June 2015. Chris had previously served as the field supervisor for the FM Cambodia work. Yuko worked with finances for missionaries serving in Cambodia, from both the U.S. and Asia Pacific FM Missions Association (APFMMA). She also developed new products for Reaksmei, the Cambodian FM development group. Yuko, an ordained member of the Japan General Conference, met Chris during his VISA assignment in Japan. Yuko was appointed as an FMWM missionary in 2007.

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Pray for:

the family’s adjustment to new ministries in Japan

Yuko’s glaucoma condition

the Community Church Planting (CCP) program throughout Asia

safety and good health for family, especially the children

Chris and Yuko to have wisdom as parents


Chris: April 21

Yuko: November 25

Caleb: January 14

Corey: September 25


April 6

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