Co-Laborers in Thailand

Missionary Don Williams is Interim Thailand Country Director. Meet two team members who work alongside Don and his wife, Kathy.

by Don and Kathy Williams, Thailand


Chan 4 croppedChan grew up in Laos and swam across the Mekong River as a young adult to escape the political climate at the time. He made his way across the border and into Thailand and eventually ended up in the U.S. for a time. He later immigrated to Canada where he became a citizen.

Chan 2Chan ministers three days a week in Chiang Mai through the Family Connection Foundation. He works with students in an after school program teaching English as a platform to share the love of Christ and the Good News. He’s also involved in the FM Church in Chiang Mai on Sundays, frequently translating from Thai to English, preaching, engaging in friendship evangelism, and leading small group Bible studies.

Chan 1 croppedHis passion is to minister to Lao immigrants living in Thailand. If you want to see Chan light up, talk to him about the country where he grew up and his fellow countrymen. In the coming year he will be spending three to four days a week on the border of Thailand and Laos doing church planting and leadership development. We invite you to pray for Chan and this upcoming opportunity he has to reach his own countrymen living and ministering from Thailand. This picture of Chan harvesting rice best captures the heart he has as one who is captivated by the heart of God to see many souls harvested throughout Asia.



Mam 1 croppedMam was one of Don’s translators for the recent partnership meetings with existing national and international leaders and potential emerging national leaders. Mam is one of those Thai emerging young leaders. She lives and ministers in southwestern Thailand near the border of Myanmar in a place called Sangkhla Buri.

proposed building to be remodeled for the school program for her students and for her living quarters

proposed building to be remodeled for the school program and for Mam’s living quarters

Her ministry with the Free Methodist Church in Thailand has several objectives. Mam’s heart is to see a church planted in the community where she is living and ministering. She reaches out and into the migrant community through ministries to children and youth. She is currently teaching Burmese migrant children who would otherwise not receive an education. In addition to this important work she serves on the National Committee for International Child Care Ministries.

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