David and Sarah Clemente Assignment Change

To best accommodate the needs of their family and continue their engagement in FMC-Asia David and Sarah Clemente continue in their next appointment as non-resident FMWM Missionaries to Asia. Sarah works as the Administrative Assistant to the Area Director, and David serves as a member of ALT (The Asia Leadership Team) with special assignment to Creative Access Asia N. David will also work to raise critical resources for leadership development in Asia, to reinforce our efforts to train 10,000 new leaders in order to reach our goal of influencing one million Asians for Jesus. Furthermore, David will serve occasionally as Cross Cultural Consultant for FMWM at the Home Office.

Specific Descriptions of Work:

• David teaches missions and theology, and provides cross cultural ministry training to FM leaders, including those located in the U.S. and in Asia;
• David travels to South Asia and SE Asia and consults with FM leaders from this region;
• David helps in the raising of funds for church planting in Asia.
• David visits Home Office for consultation work. He also provides training in missiology for local churches.
• David and Sarah assist the Asia Area Director, and give support to other members of the Asia Leadership Team (ALT);
• David and Sarah help in other administrative work that comes occasionally, such as missionary retreat and/or leadership conferences for FMWM; and
• The Clemente family is residing in Macomb, Illinois.