Debbie Hogeboom

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Kenya – Affiliate/Canada

Debbie recently returned to teach at Kenya Highlands Evangelical University (formerly Kenya Highlands Bible College), an interdenominational school in Kericho. She has the privilege of teaching alongside former students; she was a teacher at the school after being evacuated from Burundi in 1994. Most recently Debbie resided in Eldoret (western Kenya) where she had established a base for Christian education ministries.

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ongoing ministries of Dessalines Hospital

God’s protection while driving on Kenyan roads

Open doors and opportunities for the gospel to impact people


January 27

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Debbie’s Kenya Update

  • “… the desires of your heart …”

         As a 6 year-old, I was thrilled to start school.  My grade one teacher, Mrs. Knox, made a profound impact on me.  Because of her,  I wanted to become  a teacher. Everyday, I would get home from school and with … Continue reading

  • Coming Out on the Other Side

    I experienced a wonderful sense of peace and comfort as I worshipped this morning with my church family at Whitby Free Methodist Church.   I wrote down the first two lines of a chorus we were singing which seemed to sum up … Continue reading

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    Hi “For such a time as this”, pray for your brothers and sisters in Kenya as they hurt and seek for divine intervention from God It is a dark Monday morning in Kenya as the country mourns the death of … Continue reading

  • Making History in the Uganda (Light and Life) Free Methodist Church

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  • Where will you lead them?

    Question:  If your children followed in your steps, where would you lead them? Dad wasn’t much of a church goer before I reached the age of 9.  Mom went sometimes and she took us to Sunday School in Westbrook village, … Continue reading

  • Visitors – A blessing

    Any visitor to Kenya would describe their experience first by the wonderful welcome and hospitality shown to them.  Kenyans truly believe that “visitors are a blessing” which is demonstrated through their generosity and warm reception. So, it is with excitement … Continue reading