December Heartbeat


When Halle Hemberry, a high school student from Turlock, CA, first learned about human trafficking, her heart broke. But instead of being immobilized
by her grief, she chose to act. She started a Set Free club at her school to help educate her classmates on the issue and fundraise for
organizations assisting at-risk people.

Halle believes that youth have a vital role in this movement. “I think people don’t believe slavery is
a solvable problem because it is so overwhelmingly far-reaching,” explains Halle. “But solving this problem depends so heavily on the small actions
taken by people. There are so many talents and skills that can be utilized to end slavery, so we – as youth – shouldn’t be afraid to use our voice and try
our own ideas to help end slavery!”

It doesn’t matter how old you are, how much education you have, or where you live. Everybody
already belongs to a community in need. Every person already has gifts and resources they can contribute to this movement. How will you live in
the direction of freedom? Find out more at:

By Katie Bergman






An estimated 40 million people are trapped in slavery around our world today: people working against their will, forced to do things they don’t
want to do, living under the threat of violence.

Even in developed nations in Europe, this is a pervasive problem. In the landlocked country of Hungary, an estimated 36,000 people are
living in slavery. Due to the inadequate and uncoordinated response of the government, Hungary was downgraded in the 2017
Trafficking in Persons report as a “Tier 2 Watch List” country — now sharing the same rank as countries such as Liberia, Iraq, Rwanda,
Guatemala, and Haiti.

Hungary is part of our broken world. But the good news is that we are not powerless. Our Set Free leaders in Hungary are a beacon
of hope and light in the dark shadows cast by human trafficking and its compounding issues, which include poverty, racism, addictions,
gender inequalities, broken systems, and more. Our teams in Hungary put an emphasis on prevention, seeking to protect vulnerable
people from exploitation, including Roma groups, at-risk youth, and people who are unemployed.

In Budapest, our national leader, Ildikó Kóber, is seeking to bring together the abolitionist movement — from Pentecostals to Catholic
nuns, from teachers to students, young to old — to be a united front against slavery. Her vision extends beyond the borders of Hungary,
as she carries out anti-trafficking trainings in other countries in Europe.

In Győr, our missionary partners, the McNamara family, are building the resilience of vulnerable youth who are living in state-run institutions
through weekly educational programs. The goal is to prevent these children from becoming victims of trafficking and to disciple them to
become leaders.

How our teams function is just as important as what they do. Our leaders and volunteers in Hungary are intervening in exploitation by
starting with a Jesus-centered, communitybased discipleship approach that seeks to address society’s brokenness by transforming
people and communities from the inside out: healing relationships, shifting harmful cultural values, and rebuilding dysfunctional systems.
Ultimately, our vision is to seek not only justice and holistic freedom, but to pursue and create shalom.
Find out more at:

By Katie Bergman

World Missions Prayer Calendar: December

01 SATURDAY I Global

Pray for Beth Cullison as she assists missionary candidates with the details and preparations for serving as a missionary for one year or more.

Birthday: Beth Cullison – FMWM Personnel

02 SUNDAY |Thailand

Taylor and Katelyn Shockey, VISA missionaries in Thailand, are involved in educational ministries as well as in connecting with FM leaders coming through Bangkok. Pray for them as they balance a life of ministry while parenting two young sons.

Birthday: Katelyn Shockey


Pray  for  strength and  energy for  the  SEED  staff  as they prepare numerous boxes  of product from  artisan  groups to go out  for Christmas events  in churches  across the country

04 TUESDAY | I Nicaragua

Pray for wisdom and creativity in finding means for pastors and churches to be able to support themselves.

05 WEDNESDAY | Guinea Conakry

Pray for Pastor Messa Belley and the nurture and continued growth of the nearly two dozen church plants in the interior region of this country.

06 THURSDAY | I Bulgaria

The churches in Bulgaria will reach out to orphans, street children and other needy children in their communities by preparing and giving the children a small box of needed gifts. Pray for this ministry to touch the hearts of the children and to open doors into new communities and homes.

07 FRIDAY | Global

Pray for all our FM missionary kids to have a growing understanding of God’s love and care for them as they learn to serve alongside their parents.

08 SATURDAY |Asia Creative Access- I

Pray for adequate discipleship training programs for the thousands of new believers coming to faith each year.

09 SUNDAY | I Middle East

Last year,  several  leaders  reported Christmas outreach ministries. The distribution of food, clothing, and gifts, along with  special  celebrations and  programs, opened the  doors for ministry in villages and the distribution of Christian books and  materials. Pray for  even  more  open doors as believers reach out this month.

10 MONDAY|Spain

Pray for the Olive Branch Christian Fellowship which is establishing a ministry center to accommodate and serve retirees.

11 TUESDAY | Africa

Don Rogers, affiliate missionary, is the founder and International Director of Empowering Lives International (Ell). Ell began in Kenya and has expanded to the neighboring countries of Tanzania, DRC, and South Sudan. Pray for his continued wisdom in developing strategies to equip the poor to live sustainable lives that honor God.

Birthday: Don Rogers

12 WEDNESDAY |Colombia

Thank the Lord for “The Beehive”-a home for at-risk girls in Bogota, Colombia. Pray that these girls will grow to be strong women of faith.

13 THURSDAY | Japan

In a country where only one to two percent are Christians, the leadership senses a new call to church planting. Pray for wisdom, boldness and fruitfulness for the Japanese church and leaders.

14 FRIDAY |Global

Pray for VISA Coordinator Jonathan Eccles as he works to plan and organize the General Conference mission trips.

Birthday: Jonathan Eccles – FMWMVISA Coordinator

15 SATURDAY| Greece

Pray for Rodrigo and Tanya Rosado as they continue partnership building toward a VISA assignment in Athens, Greece. Also, pray for an accurate diagnosis and healing for Rodrigo’s brother, Ricardo, who is suffering from swelling in the brain.

Birthday: Rodrigo Rosado

16 SUNDAY | Middle East

Believers regularly visit refugee families bringing supplies like food, blankets, and laundry detergent. Along with the supplies, they offer compassion and prayer. Pray that the Holy Spirit will move powerfully through the love being demonstrated and through answered prayer.

17 MONDAY | Philippines

The Lord has given missionaries Matt and Christine Sauder a specific call to reach university students in Manila for Christ. Pray for continued language and cultural acquisition and understanding that will lead to fruitful ministry among the students.

Birthday: Christine Sauder

18 TUESDAY| Chile

Ask the  Lord  to  give  wisdom and  vision  to  superintendent Patricio  Alvial   Proboste as he  balances pastoring his  local church, being a husband and  father, and  leading the conference.

19 WEDNESDAY | Set Free

Pray for christians around the world that they will have eyes that will be opened to the exploitation in their communities and hearts that will be moved to action.

20 THURSDAY | South Africa

Pray for Bishop Simon Chanza as he leads the South African General Conference and for the churches to be able to bring truth and hope into every level of society.

21 FRIDAY| Hungary


22 SATURDAY | Creative Access- C /Thailand

The situation in this country is becoming increasingly difficult. Pray for R and his wife C to experience the encouragement of the Holy Spirit.

Birthday: RM

Connie Persing provides hospitality, encouragement, and healthy perspective to the work she and her husband Corey do in Thailand and throughout Southeast Asia. Pray for them as they seek to touch the hearts of people with the love of Christ.

Birthday: Connie Persing

23 SUNDAY | Creative Access- C

Sue has served as a teacher in this creative access country for several years. Pray for her to have continued passion for the work and creativity in her teaching, and pray for the opening of hearts and minds among her students.

Birthday: Sue

24 MONDAY | Middle East

Pray that the reality of who Christ is will be known in this region, that He will no longer be known as just a good teacher, but the incarnate Son of God.

25 TUESDAY | Global

Pray for joy-filled and meaningful Christmas celebrations for our FM missionary families.

26 WEDNESDAY| Philippines

Missionary Jill Land mentors young women in the Philippines and serves in support roles with her husband, Darin. Pray for Jill to have wisdom in her mentoring role and that others would see the love of Jesus abundantly in her life.

Birthday: Jill Land

27 THURSDAY | Puerto Rico

The church in Puerto Rico was originally started by immigrants that will be moved  from the Dominican Republic. Pray for the churches as they cross cultural barriers to reach Puerto Ricans.

28 FRIDAY | Macedonia

Pray for the Bulgarian team as they work to establish a Macedonian Foundation to provide the legal standing for work in this region.

29 SATURDAY |Middle East

Many areas in this region are plagued with violence and bloodshed. Pray for peace to prevail and the Prince of Peace to be made known.

30 SUNDAY | Zimbabwe

The economy in Zimbabwe is precarious, with one of the world’s fastest rates of inflation. Pray for solutions to the nation’s economic challenges including their unemployment, health crisis, and food shortage.


31 MONDAY | Taiwan

Tim Kinkead, missionary to Taiwan, co-pastors the Chung Lin FM Church in Kaohsiung with his wife, Lily. Pray for leaders in the church who are stepping up to take new roles in ministry. Pray for tim and Lily as they encourage and guide these new leaders.
Birthday: Tim Kinkead