Delia Nüesch-Olver and Paul Olver


After nearly 11 years as Latin America Area Director, Dr. Delia stepped down March 31, 2019. Through the rest of 2019, she will focus on a healthy transfer of information and relationships to the new Area Director along with telling the story in the U.S. of what God is doing through the Free Methodist Church in Latin America. Dr. Paul will stay on the Latin American leadership team as Associate Area Director, facilitating the implementation of Community Church Planting and the Pastoral Formation process, as well as overseeing financial administration.

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Pray for:

• modeling a smooth and healthy leadership transition
• continued financial support
• physical healing and strength as Paul continues to recover from a serious and debilitating accident in Colombia in February 2019
• implementation of Community Church Planting (CCP) throughout Latin America to result in a significant increase in disciples, leaders and groups
• implementation of the new Pastoral Formation Plan to prepare people for effective pastoral ministry and ordination


Delia – March 8

Paul – April 12


September 8

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