Display Tips

display-table-2009-300x225Keith and Julie’s display board and table were carefully planned. The three sections of the storyboard flowed from one section to the next. The table included a DVD player, digital photo frame, samples of Keith’s books and a quiz about their field. The table also featured a few novelties such as a bowl of peanuts and instructions for using chopsticks with an opportunity for people to try their hand at it.

100_0121entire-display-300x225This is the display board Al and Diane Mellinger used during one of their home assignments. They purchased it from www.displays2go.com for $85. The board is constructed of three folding panels made of foam board. The panels are covered with black or blue Velcro. Each panel is 2′ W x 3′ H. The foldout exhibit comes with a carrying bag for transportation and storage and weighs 10 lbs. in its bag.

100_01301-300x225Note the matted pictures that are used on Mellingers’ display board. Al and Diane printed 5″x7″ pictures taken from their travels throughout Bulgaria, then framed them with picture mats purchased at Golden State Art. Each picture was produced for less than $1.00. Mellingers also printed lots of extras to be given as hostess gifts, etc.

100_0128-pop-up-banner-300x225Al and Diane purchased two retractable table top displays from Pop Up Stand (click on products in the left navigational bar, then table top displays). The 11.75″ x 21″ size costs $58.00; the mini post ups, measuring 8.25″ x 17″, cost $48.00. Al and Diane used very general information so these banners will be usable for several years. However, the graphics banner (without the stand) can be changed very inexpensively.

photo-book-2-300x225Former missionary Dustin Weber used iPhoto, which is standard on all macs, to create a beautiful photo book. Dustin was very pleased with the results, “Ordering is simple and comes straight from Apple. I liked it because I could build the book while my laptop was not online (e.g. – like on the 12 hour train rides from Luxor to Cairo).” Dustin added text to tell about his ministry. The book can also be used in one-on-one presentations.

Shutterfly, and even Walmart, offer ways to create similar photo books.

Here are some more items Al and Diane have included on their display table:

100_0123-digital-frame-300x225Digital picture frame showing various photos from Bulgaria

100_0125-project-cards-300x225Small cards/postcards (similar to prayer cards) giving information about EMPs connected with their ministry – ordered from zazzle.com. (This site also allows you to set up an account free of charge to sell items promoting your ministry.)

100_0124-prayer-card-magnets1-300x225Magnet prayer cards – magnet backs were ordered from MagnetValley.com to attach to the back of their small prayer cards

100_0126-flip-chart-300x225Flip book – spiral bond (similar to calendar) with pictures

Bulgaria flag – Al and Diane also gave a flag, purchased in Bulgaria for $3.50, to each church they visited.

FMWM will provide these items for your use:

sample Free Methodist World Missions Pulse magazines
sign-up cards for Free Methodist World Missions Pulse and Hotline
VISA materials
commitment envelopes
Display boards can be loaned for the duration of partnership building and returned to FMWM. Boards are: 3-panel tabletop, 24”H x 59” W, black on one side, dark red on the other.

Other possible items for your display:

National or traditional dress – include items just for display or for adults and children to try on. Take pictures of people wearing the clothing.
Photo album
Prayer reminders – items such as miniature baskets, coins, small crafts, etc., can be used as reminders to pray for you and your ministry
Video/PowerPoint – play a short video/PowerPoint on your laptop or a small TV/DVD player
Webpage – if internet service is available, allow people to view your website or blog
Games – create a crossword puzzle or quiz about your country
Food – serve finger food items typical of your region
Names in other languages – translate people’s names into another language or write their name in characters of a language such as Chinese
Crafts – have a simple craft activity people can make and take with them

More tips and ideas:

People like to see how items they use compare or contrast with those used in other countries: household items, tools, stamps, models of houses-boats-transportation, natural resources, hobbies, national dress, literature in national language, money.

Select items that are expendable (handling of items could cause breakage or even its disappearance).

Use a bright colored cloth or blanket for a table covering.

Caption your photos, curios and other items you place on your table.