Don & Amy Rogers

Kenya/Africa – Affiliate/ELI

Don Rogers is the founder and International Director of Empowering Lives International (ELI), which began in Kenya and has expanded to the neighboring countries of Tanzania, Democratic Republic of Congo and South Sudan. Don and his wife, Amy, are serving to ignite world changers in East Africa by equipping the poor to live sustainable lives that honor God. Serving alongside key national Christian leaders, they seek to integrate the gospel with skills for life through Skills for Life Training Centers, Christian schools, two orphanages (In Kenya) and a mobilized agriculture training program that is reaching people in over 12 African countries.

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Pray for:

• a continued revival among illegal brewers in Kenya; ELI has been able to reach and retrain them giving new skills
• new ELI businesses underway; Aquaponics, vetiver grass, vertical gardens, steel-drum bread ovens, bio-intensive gardening, vermiculture, and agribusiness farms
• the work of the schools in the DRC as they feed and educate the students while empowering parents and guardians to run small businesses to support their families


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