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Camilo & Magaly Mora

Spain – Associate Missionaries



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Camilo and Magaly Mora were appointed to Europe and moved to Madrid, Spain, in September 2019. They are part of the training center helping implement the Community Church Planting strategy through the Impact Europe Network, where national leaders are developed to reach others. The Moras started a new community church in Mar de Cristal in Madrid. In addition, Magaly and Camilo teach at the John Wesley Theological Seminary in Spain.

Pray For

their family: one son Danny & wife Julia living in São Paulo – Brazil, and another son Filipe & wife Nathaly and granddaughter Michelle living in New Jersey

the new church established in Mar de Cristal to grow spiritually strong with committed leaders

resources to rent a larger space for worship

Camilo and Magaly as they teach and train pastors and leaders at the John Wesley Theological Seminary

the Holy Spirit’s guidance to find strategic opportunities to introduce people to Jesus

Surprised by the Spirit

Surprised by the Spirit

There is a “go” in the gospel; there is a call to the church to go and take what we have received and pass it on to all people of every age and every nation. “Be my witnesses” — declare what you have seen, heard and experienced. Tell everyone everywhere what the Lord...

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Sharing God’s Love from Europe to Africa

Sharing God’s Love from Europe to Africa

São Tomé and Príncipe is an island nation in the Gulf of Guinea off the western coast of Central Africa. It is a Portuguese-speaking nation. In 2018, the Free Methodist Church in Portugal sent Moisés and Jacione Souza as missionaries. There are now two Free Methodist...

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Moisés & Jacione Souza

Moisés & Jacione Souza

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