Expanding Horizons

written by Kay Stotts-Godoy, ICCM Regional Coordinator for Latin America & adapted by Becky Crouse

b_800_0_0_00_images_gallery_Ecuador_littleEuniceandparentsEunice dreamed of becoming a nurse one day — until the sight of blood made her want to become a flight attendant instead! As one of eight daughters in a pastor’s family, resources were few, and it was difficult for her parents to make ends meet. International Child Care Ministries, a children’s ministry of the Free Methodist Church, offered Eunice new opportunities when she was selected as a sponsored child. She remembers with great gratitude and fondness her years as a sponsored child. God’s Word penetrated deeply in her young heart as she got involved in Bible quizzing. She thrilled at being able to attend church camp each year.

In her beloved Mexico, surrounded by godly people and missionaries who were role models for her life, she grew up feeling supported and loved. And she felt inspired to dream. Her thoughts of becoming a flight attendant slowly began to take a different direction.

At the age of 15, God began to call her to serve Him in Christian ministry. She graduated from high school, attended seminary and began serving happily in her local church. God called again, leading her to further study, and she became a pastor in the Mexican Conference. A few years later, God broadened her horizons even more, leading her to become the North Mexican Conference’s first missionary to Ecuador. Partners in Mexico, Ecuador, and the United States work together to provide her financial support.

b_800_0_0_00_images_PastoraEuniceA dynamic and effective leader, Eunice heads up our FM work in all of Ecuador. She pastors a church in downtown Quito and oversees four other churches in the capital as well as three churches in and around Esmeraldas on the coast. She also leads theological training classes for 20 leaders from the Quito churches. Eunice works closely alongside the Ecuador ICCM National Coordinator, María Belén Mejía, to help the program reach its full potential. Key investments in Pastora Eunice’s life have allowed her to expand her horizons and to invest in the lives of others.

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