Fanning the Flames

David and Ginegda Lopez are capable leaders who are preparing to be sent by a church in Latin America to another Latin American country. Here is their story in their own words.

written by David and Ginegda Lopez, translated by Becky Crouse

Our Calling

Lopez familySince our youth, God has been working in our lives and calling us to service. When we were dating, some people from different countries prayed for us, even bringing prophetic words about ministering outside of our country. Since we have been married, we have served the Lord in different areas of leadership in our local church. We have ministered there for seven years leading children, adolescents, and youth, as well serving as assistant pastor. In addition, for five years we led an outreach to a poor community outside of our city where we planted a church with more than 60 adults and children. During all this time the call to international service was a flame burning in our hearts.

Our Destination

David LopezIn March 2016, God gave us the opportunity to travel to Peru and get to know the Peruvian church. There we were able to see the need to help the leaders catch a vision for reaching their country for Christ. Months before, we had received a letter of invitation from the leader of the Peruvian Free Methodist Church asking for our help for the next two years in the area of leadership training and church planting. This has been an answer from God to the flame that has been burning in our hearts.

Our Training and Plans

Ginegda LopezIn May 2016, we received training from Bruce Bennett. Bruce is the founder of C4J (Communities for Jesus) and the pioneer of the model called “Community Church Planting.” This initiative has resulted in over 40,000 new churches in many countries since 2003. Many of those are Free Methodist churches.

Our vision is to start a training center in Lima, Peru following the community church planting model, starting in January 2017. We thank God for putting it in the heart of Bruce Bennett to be our personal mentor for this plan. Training centers are part of a strategy for explosive growth, created to multiply churches. This strategy will be implemented with the hope that Lima will be a city that God can fill with His presence. Lima is the capital city of Peru, and one of the largest and most strategic cities in Latin America. If we reach Lima we will touch the world.

Our Family

Lopez ChildrenWe have been married for 13 years and have two children: David Alejandro who is 8 years old and Valery Alejandra who is 6. When we told our children about our plans, David Alejando responded, “Dad and Mom, if God sends us, we need to go.” We are also convinced that if God sends us, we need to go. Our hearts burn with our calling.

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