Following His Passions

by Larry Winckles Budapest, Hungary
April-June 2016 issue Free Methodist World Missions Pulse

Peter's Ordination

Péter’s Ordination

Sándor Péter Tóth (commonly known as Péter) has served as the assistant pastor of the Budapest Free Methodist Church since 2009. In November 2015 he was ordained as an elder (the first Hungarian) at the Free Methodist Church Leaders Conference held in Sofia, Bulgaria. Péter has been part of the Budapest church for 10 years, first starting as a musician on the worship team, then serving as a local ministerial candidate, and then as assistant pastor and worship leader. Péter came to know Christ as a teenager and soon after felt a call into Christian ministry. He has worked as a mapmaker and a journalist. He is currently working full-time for a Hewlett Packard help desk. While working full-time, he also completed a bachelor’s degree in theology at the Pentecostal Theological College in Budapest.

Péter, Judit and their two young children

Péter, Judit and their two young children

During his early days with the church he met his future wife, Judit. Their wedding was the first one to take place in the Budapest church. They have been married for seven years, and they have two young children – Sarolta, who is nearly 3 years old, and Márton, who is now nearly 9 months old.

Péter is passionate about music. He has composed more than 30 original worship songs, set to music numerous Hungarian poems, and performed with several music groups. In 2015 he won a competition sponsored by the Hungarian Tolkien Society for music he created for a poem from The Hobbit. His preferred instrument is the mandolin.

Peter Leading Worship

Péter Leading Worship

In addition to music Péter is passionate about evangelism. He wants to see the flowering in Christ of the people of Hungary. His extensive knowledge of the Bible helps him utilize his gift of teaching.

Péter’s vision for the Hungary FMC is for numerous small groups to be established in which people can support one another in love and grow in community. “I see many small, connected congregations (some that may meet in homes), where everyone receives attention and no one disappears in the crowd,” Péter says. “These will be communities that feel like families, led by spiritually discerning leaders, wherein everyone is given a job to do and given the opportunity to serve, and where they will be appreciated. They will be safe places where people receive constructive help and not just crisis management, or ‘putting out fires.’ Needs are met by the group in common, as was the case in the early church. Lost people are reached through love.” Péter believes and lives out the belief that “Everyday life is evangelism.”

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