Fresh Water to Dry Souls

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Daniel thought he was going to die. Shira had no hope. Read how their lives changed through Free Methodist house church planting in Israel.


Daniel is 34 years old, married and has two children. He lives in Zebadiah, West Bank.

One day Daniel felt chest pains. He thought it was the time for him to pass away. While his brother was taking him to the doctor, Daniel told his brother to look after his family, especially the young children. After examining him, the doctor told him that he was perfectly fine.

Experiencing chest pains another time, Daniel decided to start searching for God in a more serious way. He says, “I attended the house church meeting hoping to find an answer to my questions.” The Bible study was about the purpose for which God had created us. Daniel felt God had sent him to that particular meeting to find an answer. “Then I started to attend the meetings regularly. I now read, pray and study my Bible daily. The Word of God is like fresh water to my dry soul. Now I live with no fear in my heart; God is in control. And I have fellowship with other believers.”


Shira is 30 years of age. She lives in Nazareth. She describes her life before knowing Christ as “hell.” She had no hope in anything. Shira says, “Whenever I survey the conditions we live in, … nothing is certain and secure in life. Life became intolerable in Israel, at least for me. Nothing was going well for me. I had difficulties in my job. I had hoped to establish a family of my own. But, none of my dreams came true.”

“When my mother invited a Free Methodist pastor to start a house church meeting in our home I did not like that. I did not know how this would change me. Every week I would sit and hear the Bible study. One day the teaching was about the greatness of God’s love that He gave His only begotten Son on the cross while we were still sinners who deserve death and punishment.”

Shira continues: “I wanted to try one thing: … If God so loved me, would He change me, would He forgive my sins, would He give me hope in life?”

Shira prayed that night to God, asking Him to forgive her sins and to help her regain hope in life. When she finished she felt something changed in her heart. She did not know what had happened to her.

“It is more like a vision. I saw my life, my future as something great. I started praising God with the songs I know from the worship meeting.”

Now Shira is engaged to Avraham*. They are planning to marry next summer. Shira describes her present life in these words: “Now I feel so secure; nothing would threaten my days. I start my days in the name of Jesus. He walks before me step by step. I have great joy in my heart for He is my Lord. He gave me dreams and hope in Him. I praise His name for He lives in me by His Holy Spirit.”

*names have been changed

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Pray for the ministry of Impact Middle East in Israel:
1. Pray for new young leaders.
2. Pray that all family members would allow a house church in their home.
3. Pray for a new area opening to church planting on July 1.
4. Pray for pastors from the USA as they travel and hold the first “camp meeting” in Israel this summer.

Impact Middle East is the arm or agency that represents the FMC mission in the Middle East and Northern Africa

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