From Depression to Life in Jesus

One by One We Can Reach Many
by Cindi Angelo

IsabelIsabel Lobo, a Portuguese woman of 50, is full of the joy of life. But this was not always so. Suffering from depression, unemployed, embittered and unforgiving, her marriage was in crisis, and she had no will to live.

One day at the gym, the owner who is a member of the Free Methodist Church here in Portugal, noticed Isabel’s troubled spirit and invited her to go to the youth service that night.

Isabel says: “When I entered the church, I felt like I was in another world. I was greeted with hugs and kisses and made to feel so loved and respected. The Word preached that night seemed to have been given just for me. The preacher was speaking about my life! How could it be? I began to cry as I felt the Holy Spirit transforming my life there in that service. With the grace of God I could forgive everyone and be completely free!”

Today Isabel is employed and her marriage restored. She even had her dream of going to Israel become a reality last March when she was part of a group from our churches who went with us on our most recent trip. She is involved in the life of the church, attends a cell group, and helps with social projects. She is always available to help with anything we need. Her life resembles Dorcas (Tabitha) from the book of Acts because she has become a truly godly woman.

Isabel baptismShe says: “The FMC has been such a fundamental part of my life. It’s where I have grown up in the Word of God and in my relationships inside and outside of the church. I love my church because I see transparency, loyalty and pastors who are like spiritual parents to us all.”

Isabel’s dreams are: the conversion of her family, having a cell group in her home and perhaps even serving God in the ministry. She hopes to win many to Jesus in Portugal and maybe even go as a short term missionary out of her home country. May God bless Isabel and her family.

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