Ginger Coakley

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Ginger Coakley serves as executive director of Eden’s Glory, a restoration home for women survivors of human trafficking. She also continues as the team leader of the Set Free Movement Bond County (IL) Task Force. She and her team work in partnership with others to foster transformational change in Bond County and beyond. Set Free specifically targets human trafficking/modern-day slavery and functions within the context of the FMC and Set Free Movement values, mission and vision. These two ministries strive to be agents of hope and healing in the lives of individuals, families, communities and society by pursuing zero tolerance for injustice.

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set free web button half sizeFunding for Ginger Coakley also supports creating new futures for those in modern-day slavery.
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Pray for:

  • partnerships – individuals and corporate – to produce strategic solutions to fight injustice
  • those currently enslaved to know hope and be helped to freedom
  • Ginger’s family (husband Lee and sons Thailer, Josiah and Evan) as they continue in multi-ministry commitments
  • financial partners for Ginger and Eden’s Glory
  • the women who live at Eden’s Glory as the Lord transforms and restores their lives