God Is at Home

by Cindi Angelo, International Missionary to Portugal

For nearly 16 years now we have accepted the challenges of being missionaries to Portugal. The work has grown slowly but steadily as we have tasted the goodness of the Lord with us every step of the way. As people have come to Jesus, some in the midst of great suffering, we have watched God work and build His church!

God Is at HomeOut of a Catholic background, Ana Paula was searching for God and testifies that she found Jesus in the worst season of her life – when she was diagnosed with cancer. An evangelical friend of hers took her to a good church, but it was too far from her house for her to attend regularly. God led her to us when she went to the clinic for her cancer treatments. There she met a member of our church, Anabela Medeiros, who shared her testimony and invited her to our church. Now Ana Paula testifies, “I get so excited when I think of how I gave my heart to Jesus in a cell group. Then when I went to the worship service, I was welcomed so warmly. It was awesome. I have no words to describe it. Just say it was everything I was looking for. I found a great family who are so blessed and generous.”

She continues to be discipled by Anabela whom she calls her “mother in the faith.” Ana Paula plans to be baptized in September, and her greatest dream is to see her whole family come to faith in Jesus. She praises God for her spiritual family and her pastors who are teaching her how to realize her other dreamĀ – to give her life in service for the Kingdom of God.

Others, many of whom are facing difficult times, are turning to God, and we praise Him for His faithfulness to the ministry to which He has called us here in Portugal.

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