God Will Choose Your Legacy

by Hope Owsley, Brazil

aryanneAs I work my way through the editing of the John Wesley devotional book, I swing between two extremes. The first is insecurity. “Why do you think anyone would read this? What makes you think you are capable of such a big project?” Then I think to myself, “This could be why I came to Brazil. This could be my legacy to the Free Methodist Church. In fact, this could be my legacy to the Portuguese-speaking world. (I get carried away sometimes.)

The truth is, we don’t always know what will happen with the fruits of our labor after we are gone, but sometimes the Lord gives us a little glimpse. Almost 20 years ago we lived in a poor region of Brazil. We were helping to plant a church and I was trying to teach the women how to have dynamic children’s classes without expensive materials. I decided to put together a manual that could be used in all of the area churches. I wrote up a curriculum and drew pictures to go along with it. I was embarrassed at the cartoon-like figures, but they were simple enough for anyone to copy. I printed booklets for all the churches; as far as I know no one ever used them.

So you can imagine my shock when my sister Grace (a Wesleyan missionary in NW Brazil) recently sent a picture of Aryanne, a young woman from Manaus who is ministering in Mozambique using that crazy manual. As she serves in a very poor area with few resources, the book on “How to Teach Sunday School without Fancy Resources” has been resurrected for His honor and glory. Only God could have done that!