God’s Mysterious Economy

by Hope Owsley, Brazil

Christianity doesn’t make much sense in the eyes of the world. Love your enemies? Do good to those who persecute you? Take care of those who can never help you back? Lose your life to find it? You’ve got to be kidding!

Recently a new family has begun attending the Águas Claras church. They have invited many friends to our services, and we’ve been encouraged by their loving, generous, faithful hearts. When nobody else shows up to prayer meeting, Mr. A is there. When nobody else comes to the women’s Bible study, Mrs. A. is there. But here’s the problem. They have four darling little boys and our church plant has nothing for children at this time. In my heart I have grieved over the sacrifice they are making to be a part of our congregation. Silly me!

Last week Mrs. A. shared with me that since her husband began coming to our church and attending our seminary module, he has fallen in love with the Scriptures again. With tears of joy, she told me he reads the Bible way into the night and can’t seem to get enough of it.

God’s ways are not ours. I could only see the things they were giving up, but God gave me a glimpse into what they are gaining. Truly, His ways are perfect.

Hope.Facebook.2016Author: Hope Owsley

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