Country Statistics

    Mission District

  • Population: 17,188,000 (52.03% urban)
  • Evangelical Christians: 24.64%
  • FM Work Opened: 2008
  • FM Churches: 60
  • FMC Membership: 1,269
  • Ordained Ministers: 4
  • Conference Ministerial Candidates: 9
  • District Leaders: Hector and Marissa Escobar
  • Overseer: Ricoardo Gómez, Latin America Area Director

    Major City:

  • Guatemala City (2.6 million)
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• wisdom throughout the affiliation process
• the multiplication of committed disciples, the development of healthy leaders, and transformational churches to expand the Kingdom of God in Guatemala
• God's complete restoration of men and women who are struggling with dependency
• provision for those affected by extreme poverty