Middle East

Hany works in church planting and leadership development with Impact Middle East. He is founding a new training center: The Noor Center (Noor in Arabic means light) to work with refugees. The Noor Center’s mission is “Bringing Healing, Light and Hope to Refugees and the Hurting.” In the region where the center is located, there are approximately 2 million refugees, most under the age of 18. All these children and their mothers are at high risk of being exploited into slave labor, sex trafficking, or being recruited into regional militias or even ISIS.


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Pray for:

  • Pray for Hany as he plants new churches among refugees and develops new leaders.

  • Protection for Hany ina region where spiritual warfare is fierce

  • A spirit of wisdom and discernment for choosing and developing new local leaders and church planters.

  • Open doors and persons of peace in different refugee camps and cities: people who would welcome and champion a movement of planting house churches in the region.

  • Unity in the body of Christ.

  • Birthdays:

    February 10