Hope on the First Sunday of Advent

BeforeThe transformation began in April 2015. A VISA team from Spring Arbor, MI, FMC arrived in Budapest, Hungary, to begin the process of making over the Ministry Center’s dark cellar into a useable space. American and Hungarian volunteers toiled side-by-side, rejoicing at the step-by-step progress.

Sunday, November 27, 2016, a small group gathered to give thanks and offer blessings on the completed room. Missionary Katie Winckles reports, “We shared a fellowship meal there, experiencing hope together on the first Sunday of Advent.”

The group members expressed their thanksgiving for not only the new room, but also multiple other ways they had experienced God’s blessing in the recent weeks and days. Here are a few of their testimonies as shared by Katie:

2016.11.27 Terem szentelésManna is thankful that since September she has had a full time job. (She had been searching for work and giving language lessons for the past four years.) Pray for her that as she reaches the end of the three-month trial period her employment would not be terminated.

Péter received word that in a few weeks he will be able to change to a worksite closer to home, cutting down his daily travel time from two hours to less than one. Good news for family and ministry!

Éva is thankful that December marks the one-year anniversary of the first time she came to a program at the Ministry Center. Pray that she will continue to grow in faith in the coming year!20161127 Szeretetvendégség 3

Ildikó thanks God she has found her life purpose in Him. Pray for her as she continues to seek God’s direction in developing the Life Skills Program and Set Free Network in Hungary.

Misi thanks God that his elderly mother is in good health.

Please continue to pray for the Holy Spirit to work in each individual’s life and in the church fellowship, binding them together in Christ. Pray for the new room to be used in accomplishing God’s redemptive purposes in people’s lives.