Introducing: Free Methodist World Missions Pulse

coverThe Free Methodist Church is pleased to announce Free Methodist World Missions Pulse as the new name for the quarterly missions magazine formerly known as Free Methodist World Mission People. Although there sometimes has been comic confusion over the years with another magazine called People that never seemed in itself to require a name change. As we worked to more tightly define the mission of Free Methodist World Missions, however, it became apparent it would help to tie the magazine’s name to our sense that “missions” is just another name for God’s heart for the world. The new name Free Methodist World Missions Pulse complements our tagline: “Connect with God’s Heart for the World.”

Regular readers have noticed the color palette, using a more spacious layout and adding more images over the past year to better communicate. We trust those who remember when the magazine was The Missionary Tidings will continue to enjoy the content and new readers will find the contemporary look and name engaging.

– Bishop David Roller

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