January 23-29, 2017

Jan. 23, Mon. – Creative Access, Ken & Linda
Join in prayer that refugees find jobs, food and rent money. Pray for workers who trying to assist refugees.

Jan. 24, Tues. – Philippines, Matt & Christine Sauder
Pray for God’s provision in all ways for the Sauder family. They request prayer that their initial prayer and financial support continue so they can peacefully and strategically obey and follow God’s vision for them.

Jan. 25, Wed. – International Child Care Ministries (ICCM)
Pray the breakfast events being hosted by ICCM at the Bishop’s E3 events (January to March 2017) will result in many communities connecting with an ICCM project.

Jan. 26, Thurs. – Hungary, Larry & Katie Winckles
Pray for those attending the Europe lay minister training this week in Budapest, Hungary. Larry Winckles and Gerry McNamara are teaching.
Birthday: Katie

Jan. 27, Fri. – Kenya, Debbie Hogeboom
Pray for open doors and opportunities for the gospel to impact many people across Kenya.
Birthday: Debbie

Jan. 28, Sat. – Peru
Pray for God’s guidance and wisdom over the leaders gathered for annual meetings of the Peru Mission District this weekend. Pray for expansion across Peru through Community Church Planting.

Jan. 29, Sun. – Creative Access, Keith & Julie
Keith finished training his first generation class of teachers in June 2016. The graduates are now starting to teach second generation classes in other urban centers. Pray for inspiration for these teachers and that students’ lives in these classes will be changed through this training.
Birthday: Keith