January 30-February 5, 2017

Jan. 30, Mon. – Brazil
Praise God for those attending a Community Church Planting training seminar sponsored by the Nikkei Conference. Pray for those leading, including church-planting expert Bruce Bennett.

Jan. 31, Tues. – Mexico, Guy & Betsy Crawford

Praise God for growth in the FMC in Mexico as it recently became a Provisional General Conference. Pray for Suffragan Bishop Rosario Castro as he provides leadership for this growing church.
Birthday: Guy

Feb. 1, Wed. – Cameroon
Pray for Cameroon FMs who have begun a primary school as part of their local outreach in Supe. Pray new people will be reached and brought to faith in Christ.

Feb. 2, Thurs. – Global, Kevin Austin

Join in prayer for those caring for victims of human trafficking. Praise God for the FMC’s involvement in anti-slavery efforts through the Set Free Movement.

Feb. 3, Fri. – Kenya, Roger and Deb Varland
Pray for Roger and Deborah’s positive impact on the students at Rift Valley Academy.
Birthday: Deb

Feb. 4, Sat. – Creative Access, Marie
Join in prayer for growth in wisdom and discernment as new leaders prepare for ministry in creative access countries.

Feb. 5, Sun. – Bulgaria
Pray for church-plant projects in Bulgarian, as well as Macedonian and Serbian, villages that have no church.