Julie Yerger

Julie Yerger


Julie has had several roles at Kibogora Hospital. Currently, her goal is to help decrease the hospital’s infant mortality rate, focusing on education and mentoring for the nurses in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). In future phases she will work with nurse midwives at the hospital and then with community nurses. Julie also helps with the program for poor senior citizens in the community.

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Pray for:

a spirit of understanding as Julie encounters cultural differences

the people of Rwanda to have and show the love of God

more Kibogora Hospital patients and staff to receive Christ as their Savior

hospital employees to have a desire to improve the hospital and provide better patient care


June 13

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A Nurse’s Notes: Charting my life in Rwanda

  • What Color is Your Shirt?

    One of our mothers in neonatal asked if we had seen her second shirt as she couldn’t find it. When asked what color it was, she said it was the color of my hair. Interesting choice of description! I would…

  • Breaking Another Record! This Has Got to Stop!!

    In December we broke a record by admitting 112 babies. In January we broke that record again and admitted 117! This record breaking has got to stop! We are too crowded and overworked!

  • One Incubator

    Two babies (not twins), two nurses caring for the babies, one incubator.

  • No Complaints…Usually!

    Our mothers put up with a lot! Usually they don’t complain about neonatal being hot and cramped with only the floor for sleeping. But this day, everyone was a little on edge as it was so hot…and so cramped…with so…

  • Ushers at Church

    Here in Rwanda ushers have a much larger role. They make sure people fill up the seats one after another. And when the row is full, the usher directs the next person to the end of the row behind—even if…

  • Waiting…

    When your baby is born at 2.6 lbs., you spend a lot of time waiting for the baby to grow big enough to go home! This mama is responsible for feeding her baby, weighing him each day, bathing him, and…