July 11-17, 2016

July 11, Mon. – Creative Access, Mark & Lena
Join in prayer with Mark and Lena that many in their city and immediate community will be drawn to God in faith.
Birthday: Lena

July 12, Tues. – Sri Lanka
Pray for Superintendent Rev. G.P. Suri Jayamani as he leads the FM work and encourages pastors and churches in Sri Lanka.

July 13, Wed. – Taiwan, David & Sarah Clemente
Pray the FMC is spiritually prepared for the evangelistic challenge within the nation of Taiwan, as well as for the churches’ outreaches.
Birthday: David

July 14, Thurs. – Thailand, Taylor & Katelyn Shockey
Pray as the Shockeys move to Bangkok this month where Taylor will teach at International Community School and Katelyn will be involved in the community, exploring potential future FM ministry.

July 15, Fri. – Costa Rica, Dennis & Kyle Leon
Pray for the Leon family while they are partnership building in the U.S. through early August. Pray for strong connections to be made with churches and for travel safety for this family of six.

July 16, Sat. – Global, Kevin Austin
Pray for the collaborative effort of four denominations and several organizations in the Philippines to end child trafficking.

July 17, Sun. – Taiwan, Tim Kinkead

Praise God for the Chung Lun church’s opportunity to minister to their community in Kaohsiung.