July Heartbeat

With You Forever


She was a young, polite woman but always looked sad. We didn’t know much about her. Even after joining the house church group, she never shared or prayed. When the meetings were over, she left quickly. We respected her silence.

One day, when we shared about Jacob in the Bible, she spoke for the first time. She told her story:

This message opened my eyes. I was married when I was 13 years old to a man 26 years older than me. My family arranged this marriage. I was a child who just wanted to enjoy playing with my friends and go to school.

My husband was a hard man to live with and mistreated me. He wanted a woman to cook, clean the house and meet his sexual needs, but I was a child! I was like a slave serving the master.

After 10 years of suffering, he passed away, leaving me with three children. I didn’t know how I could manage my house and care for my children. Our future was dark. I made many wrong choices.

 But since I accepted the Lord as King and Savior for my life, He has not left me. I confidently trust him. Through the story of Jacob, He has reminded me, “Your past has been redeemed. Your present is in My hands, and I will be with you forever.”

By Impact Middle East leader in Egypt


The Toktok Driver

My wife and I traveled by Toktok to a house church. I asked the driver, Zechariah, to come back at 8 p.m. to take us home after the meeting was finished. When Zechariah returned, the meeting was still going on, so he decided to come inside to wait for us.

As the house church leader spoke and prayed, the Holy Spirit began to deal with Zechariah. He started to cry as he recognized his sins, particularly his addictions. After prayer, the driver accepted Jesus as his Savior. He rejoiced as he shared his testimony with others at the meeting.

On the drive back to our home, Zechariah called his wife to tell her what had happened in his life. He told her, “I met with Jesus!”

Praise the Lord! Please pray for our new brother in Christ.

By Impact Middle East leader in Egypt


Randa has been blind from birth. Arab culture generally says this disability from birth is a result of the family being judged by God. Thus, the child can be an ever-present source of shame. Yet Randa’s parents helped her grow up unashamed of her blindness.

Randa learned to play piano and developed a beautiful singing voice. She married Saliba, who is also blind. Theirs was the first marriage in Jordan of two blind people to one another. Over the next few years, they had two beautiful girls who can see normally.

Although Randa is a believer, Saliba is not. He is angry at God for allowing him to be born blind. He feels dejected because he is not able to provide for his family.

At first, Randa was willing to play the piano at church but was reluctant to share her faith publicly. Then she began to share vignettes at women’s meetings. Her testimony has helped some refugees find it possible to be thankful even though they find themselves in challenging situations.

Now Randa leads worship at the church services and has the potential to have significant influence among the women. However, we are concerned that as Randa grows spiritually and takes on more leadership in the church, Saliba will become more resentful and even jealous of his wife.

Please pray for Randa to fulfill her leadership potential. Pray Saliba will come to know Jesus as Lord and Savior.

By Impact Middle East leader and pastor in Jordan

The Happiest Day of My Life!

I am Kibar. I was born in Syria to a religious, fundamental Muslim family. My father and mother prayed often and taught my three sisters and me to pray as well. Despite this religious atmosphere, I did not feel my prayers helped me come closer to God. Eventually, I met some neighbor girls my age and became friends with them. They were Christians. I asked them about their religion and even went to church with them several times. They started sharing with me Christian teachings from the Bible. My father found out about my relationship with these neighbors and about my going to the church. He hit me and demanded I have no more contact with these Christian girls. I did not give up and continued to see them, despite his threats.

Later, I married, and my husband and I started a family. Because of the war, we fled to northern Iraq. The community where we lived was very traditional and religious, and I did not dare ask anyone about Christ or a church. However, I continued to pray and ask God to protect my family. One day my husband brought a visitor, Aram, to our home. Aram had lived in Syria and also had fled. Aram began to tell me about his Savior, Jesus Christ. I felt safe to share with him that I, too, am a believer. Aram began to visit us regularly to teach us Christian principles. He also introduced us to his pastor (an Impact Middle East pastor).

November 27, 2020, was the happiest day of my life! My dream of being baptized came true. With much pride, I can now declare I am a daughter of the King of Kings. Please join me in praying my husband and children will also seek to be baptized.

Testimony of Syrian refugee woman in Iraq

World Missions Prayer Calendar: July

01 Thursday | Costa Rica

Pray for Wendy Lorenz as she helps the FMWM missionary team identify and develop healthy and sustainable ways to care for Third Culture Kids (TCKs).

Birthday: Wendy Lorenz

02 Friday | Creative Access-IN

Pray for the wisdom and strength of leaders as they respond to the grief and physical need resulting from the pandemic’s devastation. Pray the light of Christ will shine brightly amid the darkness.

03 Saturday | Mali

Thank the Lord for life transformation happening in Mali. Pray for new believers facing persecution by their family members.

04 Sunday | Peru

Pray for the development of new church plants across the metropolitan area of Lima.

05 Monday | Spain

Pray for Josh and Susy Fajardo’s two young adult daughters. One is working in the U.S., and the other is in school in Madrid. Ask the Father to direct them as they develop and use the gifts God has given them.

Birthday: Susy Fajardo

06 Tuesday | Jordan

Pray new believers will have increasing boldness to share their testimony in Christ with friends and family members.

07 Wednesday | FMWM

Join FMWM in thanking the Lord for all who pray faithfully for the global church. Pray God will continue calling others to commit to this vital effort.

Birthday: Jan Coates (Communications Content


08 Thursday | Creative Access

Pray for the growing number of countries in Asia where governments are placing restrictions on churches, imposing anti-conversion laws and increasing

persecution. Despite these situations, praise the Lord for new churches planted and new believers baptized in recent months.

Birthday: Adam

09 Friday | Spain

Pray the Mosaic Cultural Center will find increasing ways to impact the community through English classes and tutoring. Ask the Lord to call volunteers to serve as English teachers for a semester or a year.

Birthday: José Hernández

10 Saturday | SEED

Pray for those working in the Sense of Community Project in the Middle East. Refugees who have experienced significant trauma and loss now support

themselves and their children with their artisan skills.

11 Sunday | Asia

Pray God will fill Asian Christians with the knowledge of His will through all the wisdom the Spirit gives. Pray their lives will bear fruit and be strengthened with power by His glorious might, giving them great endurance and patience (Colossians 1:9-12a).

Birthday: Lena

12 Monday | Malawi

Pray for students at the Great Commission Bible. Thank the Lord for students like John Andrew Dyson, a former ICCM sponsored child, actively preparing for ministry.

13 Tuesday | Southeast Asia

Pray for the Clementes during their time of partnership building and sharing about God’s work in Asia. Also, join them in prayer for David’s relatives in the Philippines as they deal with the ongoing challenges of the pandemic.

Birthday: David Clemente

14 Wednesday | Greece

Pray for a restart of ministry to Greeks, which has been somewhat overshadowed by outreach to refugees and immigrants.

15 Thursday | Nicaragua

Pray for the resources needed to continue adult education programs. These programs are helping adults complete elementary and secondary school. Many of the individuals are developing church leaders.

16 Friday | Middle East

Praise the Lord for those who have found their shame removed as they have put their hope in Jesus. Pray the love of God will continually be poured out into their hearts through the Holy Spirit (Romans 5:5).

17 Saturday | Nigeria

Pray for a young church plant in Enugu-Ezike. This area includes many communities given to idol worship and occult practices. Ask the Lord to use this young fellowship to bring light into the darkness.

18 Sunday | Japan

Minori Hall is transitioning from teaching to focus on supporting Gene with leadership development in Japan and Southeast Asia. Pray God will direct her in understanding how she can best use her gifts to serve in this capacity.

Birthday: Minori Hall

19 Monday | Hungary

Pray for a new church plant in the city of Veszprém. Ask the Father to provide leaders and a good location.

20 Tuesday | Mexico

Mexico is the second-most populous country in Latin America. Pray the Lord will give pastors and leaders a new vision for Community Church Planting.

21 Wednesday | Iraq

Pray communities in northern Iraq will abandon practices of magic and encounter the One Who can bring true freedom and healing.


22 Thursday | Philippines

Pray for the Sauder family as they prepare to return to the U.S. for partnership building in August. Pray for their continued health and safety and their daughters – Chloe, Libby and Abbie – as they transition to the U.S.

Birthday: Matt Sauder

23 Friday | Set Free Movement

Pray for Set Free leaders in Creative Access-IN as they work to overcome the broken systems, economic factors and gender inequality fueling slavery and trafficking in this nation.

24 Saturday | Ethiopia

Pray for an end to the ethnic conflicts and extreme violence in the northern “Tigray” region of the country.

25 Sunday | ICCM

Pray for the ICCM hostel in northern Thailand as workers care for the needs of a vulnerable population of children in the Lahu tribe.

26 Monday | Bulgaria

Pray for Superintendent Blagoi who was newly elected to lead this provisional annual conference. Ask the Lord to give him wisdom and strength for the task.

27 Tuesday | Creative Access-X

Pray for wisdom and abundant provision to manage resources and take care of the health and nutrition of staff at the K-12 school.

28 Wednesday | Philippines

Pray for Marie Osborne as she prepares to return to the Philippines after three months of partnership building and visits with family. Ask the Lord to give her health, safety and aid in reentry to the Philippines.

Birthday: Marie Osborne

29 Thursday | Zimbabwe

Pray for this general conference to have a continued zeal for evangelism and mission outreach.

30 Friday | Puerto Rico

Church members in Puerto Rico have been sick with the coronavirus, and many have gone without work during the pandemic. Pray for the strengthening of faith in all the believers as they continue to face these challenges.

31 Saturday | Egypt

Praise the Lord for the multiplication of house church networks. Pray the Holy Spirit will continue to prepare “persons of peace” in new communities