Impact Middle East (IME) has more than 1,200 house churches in several active networks in Egypt. These church planting networks stretch from Cairo to thousands of remote villages and tribal groups. Through these church planting efforts, Impact Middle East is seeing tremendous fruit. Prayers are being answered. Lives are being changed. God is receiving glory. 

Month after month, IME leaders receive exciting accounts of God’s victory and power through these house church networks. 

That’s How It Happens 

*Daniel came to the village to visit his sister. While there he attended a house church led by IME leaders. Daniel received the Lord that day, praying with the leaders at the end of the meeting. He asked the pastor and the leaders to come to his village to start a house church. He promised to accompany them as they visited his people. He also told them of 10 Christian families in the village who had no church to attend. Now, brother Daniel is one of the new leaders helping us in ministry to the people of his village. 

That’s how it happens. One person accepts Christ. He returns to his home and brings his new faith with him. He wants to share it with his family, friends, and neighbors. 

We believe that is what God needs — people everywhere who will allow their faith to impact those around them. Our ministry and vision come true because of this kind of person — one who listens and chooses to know and accept the Lord Jesus as their Savior. Praise the Lord! 

Testimony of Conversion

Testimony of young adult man at a special evangelism event: “I am a very sinful man. I did all sins. I have known girls. I have done evil in my house before my wife. I have drunk alcohol and used drugs while my son was watching. It made me very sad to think that one day my son would be like me! Even though I was so sad, I could not give up my sin. I even went to the Orthodox church to please others but could not forsake my sin. But, praise the Lord! Today I am free. God saved me today in this meeting, and I have decided to follow Jesus beginning right now.” 

The Hand of the Lord 

IME Pastor Elijah recently ministered in a very small village where seven Christian families live. These 30 people are surrounded by others of the majority faith. They have had no church close enough for them to attend. Now, these Christians are so thankful that Pastor Elijah has connected with them to disciple them and share God’s Word with them. God is giving fruit as a result of IME’s spiritual and physical ministry in this village. 

In another village, a father and his child attended a house church meeting. The child had a tumor in his hand. Doctors told the boy, “If this tumor remains as it is, we will have to cut off your hand.” Members of the house church prayed, and the boy was miraculously healed. 

House church pastors affirm: “We believe in house church because here we experience and see the hand of our Lord.” 

Out of Hiding

He was an evil man and a sinner, earning illegal gains. He sold poultry and sick animals to people. He also disliked all evangelicals. 

One day our leader asked this man to allow a house church to meet at his home. (The man’s daughter is a part of the group that would meet there.) The man strongly rejected the idea. But at the urging of his daughter, he finally agreed. As the group met, he began to sit on the stairs, where no one could see him, to listen to the weekly lessons. One day he left his hiding place and asked the leader if he could join the Bible study. Everyone was surprised. 

The man became a believer that day and began to assist the pastor. The house church was the bridge of salvation for this man and all his family.

Forgiveness Proclaimed 

When visiting prisoners’ families, we met the family of a 25-year-old female inmate. She had committed a horrible crime: she was convicted of killing a two-month-old child by throwing him into the Nile River. 

Vicious fighting broke out between the family of the dead baby and the family of the prisoner. As a part of our prison ministry, we tried to bring peace between the two parties. We visited the baby’s family. We shared with them Christ’s message of forgiveness; we prayed and read the Bible with them. After several visits, the family began to change. The baby’s mother came to a point where she forgave the woman who had murdered her child. 

I also continued to visit the woman in prison. She now has met the Lord. She reads the Word of God, praises Him and prays constantly. 

“Therefore, my friends, I want you to know that through Jesus the forgiveness of sins is proclaimed to you (Acts 13:38). 

Death by Hanging 

Death by hanging was the sentence for two brothers imprisoned for killing a servant in the church. Placed in solitary confinement, the brothers wore red pajamas, bearing witness to all that they would be hung. 

We received prison officials’ permission to meet with one of the brothers. We talked with him about God’s love. Even though his hands were contaminated with blood, we assured him that God still loved him. After many meetings, he accepted Jesus as Savior; he started to pray. We received word sometime later that he had died of natural causes before the death sentence could be carried out. We praised God that this man was set free from his sins and now was in the presence of God. 

After the first brother’s death, their mother asked her other son to change his confession to the court – to say that the first brother was the killer — so her living son could go free. We were surprised when this son told his mother that he would not lie to get out of prison. In fact, he told her that he wanted Christ to forgive his sins. 

Now, the two brothers will meet again. Once murderers, they will both stand righteous before Jesus in heaven. Praise the Lord! 

*names are fictional, the stories are true 

World Missions Prayer Calendar: July

01 SUNDAY | Costa Rica

Pray for Glenn and Wendy Lorenz as they invest in the people of Costa Rica. 

Birthday: Wendy Lorenz

02 MONDAY | Belgium

Pray for new church-planting opportunities and the development of national leaders.

03 TUESDAY | Middle East

Pray for the restraining of spiritual and political forces that oppress Kingdom work.

04 WEDNESDAY | South Africa

Pray for the ongoing ministry of the Greenville Hospital, the Ubunye Urban Housing Program, and The Haven (a shelter for abused women and children).

05 THURSDAY | Creative Access – C

Pray for teachers to have opportunity to exemplify the love of Jesus while they are teaching.  

Birthday: Randy

Spain: Pray for the churches in Spain and for people to answer God’s call to leadership. Ask God to open the people’s eyes to see their gifts and use them for His kingdom. 

Birthday: Susy Fajardo

06 FRIDAY | Japan

Christianity has been in Japan for more than 100 years, nevertheless only 1% of the people are Christian. Pray for the movement of the Holy Spirit to cause a fresh hunger for God among all generations.

07 SATURDAY | Creative Access – C

Pray for meaningful relationships with co-workers, friends and neighbors and for opportunities to open spiritual conversations.

Birthday: Adam

08 SUNDAY | Brazil

Pray for wise and courageous leadership within the Brazilian Free Methodist Church as they navigate the increasingly secular and liberal political situation in their country.

09 MONDAY | Spain

Pray for the development of the Ada Michelle Hernandez Missionary House in Madrid. Resources are needed to remodel and furnish this residence for volunteers and short-term missionaries. 

Birthday: Jose Hernandez

10 TUESDAY | Ethiopia

Pray for the ministry to street children carried on through the Megananga church in Addis. It includes Saturday programing, assisting participants to enroll in and continue in school, and serving meals.

11 WEDNESDAY | Creative Access – C

Thank the Lord for those who are willing to go to oppressive countries to share the gospel of Jesus Christ. 

Birthday: Lena


Pray for the SEED staff as they work together to plan and create new products, new markets and new strategies to assist the livelihood groups around the world.

13 FRIDAY | Taiwan

David Clemente teaches and trains pastors in Taiwan and throughout southeast Asia. Pray for wisdom and safety in travel. 

Birthday: David Clemente

14 SATURDAY | Middle East

Pray for peace in areas where people are having to flee their homeland. Also, pray they may experience the compassion of Christians.

15 SUNDAY | Kenya

Ken and Letty Myers will host several VISA teams this month. Pray for wisdom, stamina and safety.

16 MONDAY | Bulgaria

Pray for missionaries David and Jill Sweet as they transition from living in Petrich to living in Kyustendil. Jill will do accounting for the girl’s home. David will be working with summer children’s programs and a family camp. Both will teach English classes in the church.

17 TUESDAY | Nicaragua

Nicaragua is the second poorest country in the western hemisphere. Pray for the two Free Methodist schools there and the children who are sponsored through ICCM.


Mark and Judy Morrison provide pastoral care and support to Free Methodist missionaries in Asia. Pray for wisdom and insight as they develop ways to effectively support the Asia team.

19 THURSDAY | Middle East

Pray for the development of more discipleship and training materials in the language of the majority people group.

20 FRIDAY | Puerto Rico

Pray for the ongoing recovery efforts after hurricane Maria. Also, pray for Jonathan Eccles, VISA Team Coordinator, as he continues to organize teams to assist and encourage the Puerto Rican church.

21 SATURDAY | Portugal

The Free Methodist church in Portugal is sending the Souza family to Sao Tome and Principe, islands off the coast of Africa. Pray for this young couple as they begin to plant churches and develop national leaders.

22 SUNDAY | Philippines

Pray for continued language acquisition for Matt and Christine Sauder. Also, pray for them as they take regular prayer walks to meet and pray for students around the university where they are beginning ministry.

Birthday: Matt Sauder

23 MONDAY | Burundi

Hope Africa University is a Free Methodist liberal arts institution, preparing Christian scholars and professionals.  The school offers over 30 bachelors, masters, and doctorate degrees ranging from medical and psychological studies to theology, information technologies, and civil engineering. Pray for the school, the leadership and the ongoing support and development.

24 TUESDAY | Middle East

Praise the Lord for His Word which is taking root and bearing fruit in this region.

25 WEDNESDAY | Paraguay

Pray for the church to be encouraged and have new vision for what God can do in and through them.

26 THURSDAY | Hungary

Pray for the McNamara family and their continued work in the orphanage in Győr.

27 FRIDAY | Liberia

A new church planting initiative is underway in Liberia. Pray for Rev. B. Rufus Kahn, the national leader, as he leads the church planting effort and works with new leaders.

28 SATURDAY | Creative Access- C

Pray for Marie as she seeks the Lord’s direction for next steps in ministry.  

Birthday: Marie

29 SUNDAY | Middle East

Pray for renewed physical, emotional and spiritual strength for leaders.

30 MONDAY | Ecuador

Praise the Lord for several gifted and spiritually mature young adults who have immigrated to Ecuador and have become part of the Quito church.  Pray for them to be used by God for the encouragement and growth of the church there.

31 TUESDAY | Europe

Pray for pastors across Europe, many of whom are bi-vocational and must balance the demands of their secular work, their family, and their ministry.