Free Methodist World Missions (FMWM) partners with Set Free to end modern day slavery. As FMWM plants churches and develops leaders around the world, we make disciples with a social consciousness. Worldwide, the Free Methodist Church works on behalf of the poor, the marginalized, the overlooked and especially those who are exploited.  

An estimated 40 million people are trapped in slavery around our world today. The online sexual exploitation of children is a billion-dollar industry in the Philippines. Devastating poverty in India drives an estimated 18 million people into slavery. Young Roma girls in Bulgaria are sold into arranged marriages and prostitution. 

Our world is broken, but we are not powerless.

Set Free leaders from Madrid to Mumbai to Manila are intervening in exploitation by starting with a Jesus-centered, community-based discipleship approach. Our teams work to foster a culture of spiritual care and character formation where each member of the team earnestly pursues God and holiness, lives out the scriptures obediently, and is formed and informed by the Holy Spirit. In other words, members are called, invited and encouraged to be disciples.

Mission happens within the scope of discipleship. As we are formed by the character of Christ, our actions conform. From this work of discipleship, we can begin to address society’s brokenness to transform people and communities from the inside out: healing relationships, shifting harmful cultural values, and rebuilding dysfunctional systems.

Every Set Free ministry looks different since the work is determined by local leaders who know their context best. Set Free teams in India and the Philippines are teaching children, parents and churches to identify and prevent human trafficking. Ildikó, our team leader in Hungary, is seeking to bring together the abolitionist movement in Budapest to be a united front against slavery. Our team of missionaries and social workers in Taiwan are supporting female migrants who may be at-risk of exploitation. This year, our partners in Bulgaria are opening a prevention home for Roma girls.

By combining discipleship with social action, Set Free teams become a transforming presence in society. Ultimately, our vision is to seek not only justice and holistic freedom, but shalom. 

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Sustainable Empowering Economic Development (SEED) has been assisting the Free Methodist Church in Africa for more than 10 years. It is not only the name of the organization; it is its mission. As a partner with Free Methodist World Missions, SEED partners with national and local Free Methodist churches as they develop sustainable economic enterprises that make sense in their communities. 

The first livelihood group that SEED partnered with in Kenya was a ministry of a married couple in the Karinde Free Methodist Church, reaching out to HIV-affected widows in the Kibera Slum. This livelihood group, Faraja Widows, makes jewelry and bags. The widows use their profits to provide small loans to each other so they can grow their businesses and support their families. 

There were also widows within the Karinde Free Methodist Church in need of economic support, so SEED began partnering with Hope Beyond Circumstance. These widows start by learning how to sew small drawstring bags. SEED uses these bags to package jewelry bought at SEED events. As they learn to sew, they work on more difficult products.

The Kenya Free Methodist Church set up a nonprofit organization called Tumaini Women Kenya (TWK) to help churches start livelihood projects. SEED and other groups like Women’s Ministries International help provide funding for this important ministry. In 2014, SEED helped TWK send widows and pastors’ wives to get training from Empowering Lives International. SEED also helped provide the salary for the TWK director, Peter Wangeri, so he could travel to different villages, encourage group members, and train them how to manage the small businesses. In time, Peter’s salary was sustainable from within the livelihood groups profits. Now SEED is supplementing the salary of TWK’s treasurer. In both cases, SEED helps on a decreasing scale while TWK grows and finds sources of sustainable funding. 

TWK group participants save money for six months before they are eligible to take out a small loan. As participants pay back their loans, they are eligible to take out bigger loans. In recent months, SEED was honored to send funds to TWK to increase their lending capital in response to the number of people who earned the right to ask for first-time loans or additional larger loans.

Through TWK, this woman has been able to build a house. This man took out a loan to start a taxi motorcycle business, and now he’s made enough money to buy a second motorcycle and grow his business. SEED is honored to help TWK as they bring hope to women and men while advancing the Free Methodist Church in Kenya.

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Women in state prisons in Kansas face enormous barriers as they re-enter society. They may be overwhelmed with finding work and a home, accessing ID and medication, and establishing a support system. About 60% have a history of being physically or sexually abused. All of these factors help create a vulnerability to abuse and slavery. 

Human trafficking is a symptom of the deeper problem of brokenness in relationships, communities and systems. That’s why Rev. Linda Green, a Set Free leader in Wichita, Kansas, works with a team to show God’s love and build intentional Christian community with women exiting incarceration and domestic violence, as well as people who are homeless. Through these relationships, Linda’s team can meaningfully respond to the hurts and needs of these women to prevent exploitation. Since 2015, Linda’s team has supported about 140 at-risk women and hundreds of families who are homeless and hungry.

Set Free teams across the U.S. are addressing the root causes of human trafficking: poverty, racism, sexism, mental health, broken homes, addictions and more. We invite you to learn more about our teams by visiting

World Missions Prayer Calendar: June

Creative Access – V

Basic supplies are scarce and many people are going hungry. Despite many challenges, the Free Methodist Church is thriving. People are living by faith and experiencing miraculous provision. Pray that the church would continue to be a beacon of hope and encouragement to the community and that many people would experience new life in Christ.

Middle East

Pray for the therapists that are providing physiotherapy to meet significant needs within the refugee community. The therapists not only provide physical care, but they also provide spiritual care helping people discover God as Savior.


Pray for leadership training for pastors and revival throughout the church.


Pray for Matt and Christine Sauder as they focus on language acquisition and ministry to young adults in Metro Manila. Pray also for the Sauder family as they navigate parenting two young girls and a newborn daughter.


Susan Yu ministers in Taiwan sharing the love of God with Indonesian migrant workers and their employers. Pray for continued good health and energy for Susan as this ministry expands. 

Birthday: Susan Yu; Sarah Clemente (Taiwan)


Two fellowships have been established in Hungary. Community outreach events and services include English classes, men’s and women’s events, a music kindergarten, weekly recovery groups and a life skills training program in cooperation with the Set Free Movement. Pray for the spiritual growth of new believers as they rise into leadership. 

Birthday: Lynn Sue Pierce

Creative Access VN

Pray for Christians who face government harassment, duplicity, discrimination and outright persecution. Pray for the safety of the Superintendent as he travels to guide and strengthen pastors, church planters, and lay leaders. 

Birthday: Don Williams (Asia); Chad Wells (Europe)


Pray for Al and Diane Mellinger as they engage in a summer of partnership building in the U.S. and share what God is doing in Bulgaria.


Pray for Thad and Nikki Roller and family as they prepare for ministry as newly appointed missionaries to Columbia. The Rollers will facilitate the ministry of the Colombian Free Methodist Church and provide support to its leaders.

Middle East

Pray for the Holy Spirit to go before house-church planters and trainers in preparing households and communities for the witness of the Gospel.


For several years the nation of Zimbabwe has endured terrible suffering. The nation’s political leadership has been in turmoil. The economy is precarious with the world’s fastest rate of inflation. Pray for peace to prevail within the church and for solutions to the nation’s unemployment, health crisis, and food shortage.


Pray for Josh Fajardo as he serves as the Area Director for work in Southern Europe. Pray for Josh’s leadership with missionaries and nationals and for wisdom in directing Free Methodist ministry throughout Southern Europe.


Pray for Julie Yerger as she focuses on educating and mentoring Kibogora Hospital nurses in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit on ways to help decrease infant mortality. Pray for a spirit of understanding as Julie encounters cultural differences and for Julie’s Christian witness to patients and staff that they might receive Christ as Savior. 

Birthday: Julie Yerger


More than 81 percent of the world’s non-Christians, in addition to the least-reached people groups, are found in Asia. Pray for word of God’s amazing grace to spread throughout the continent.


Regarded as one of the poorest and least developed countries in Africa, Niger’s population is less than one percent evangelical Christians. Pray for the national leaders coaching ministerial candidates and engaging in community church planting efforts.

Birthday: Art Brown

Republic of Ireland

A refugee from the Democratic Republic of Congo started Free Methodist work in Ireland, and there are two congregations. Pray for wisdom as they seek to reach people outside the Congolese community.


Pray for wisdom, health, travel safety and spiritual growth for Michael and Maria Long as they minister in Greece. 

Birthday: Maria Long


Pray for Pastor Sebastian and Pastor Vanessa as they give leadership to a growing congregation in Durazno and work with the congregation on a new parsonage project. Durazno is a strategic ministry location to reach Uruguay for Christ.


Pray for the physical safety of Free Methodist church planters and those who gather in house churches in an area ripe for terrorism and political unrest.


Pray for the Karonga district of Malawi as they recover from April floods that washed away buildings and crops, including those of Free Methodist pastors and church members.


Pray for the Community Church Planting (CCP) initiatives in Asia.  CCP is an effective church-planting strategy first launched in Africa. Between 2003 and 2014, the leadership of CCP oversaw projects in 36 African nations. The work involved partnerships with some 40 different denominations that together initiated over 40,000 churches and meeting groups with a membership of more than of 5 million persons.  Pray Asia sees similar success.


Pray for new church planting opportunities and effective spiritual outreach.

Dominican Republic

Pray for many students’ lives to be changed through their experiences at Free Methodist-sponsored elementary and secondary schools.


Pray for Free Methodist leadership in Haiti as they wrestle with economic challenges and seek to help people meet basic physical needs as well as spiritual needs. 

Birthday: Russ Cole

Middle East

Pray for missionaries’ K and L as they connect with people seeking and finding God through dreams. Pray for K and L as they provide discipleship.


Free Methodist Churches have been established in most of Kenya’s major cities. Pray for church leaders as they train church-planters and establish village churches.


Pray for adequate discipleship training programs for the many new believers.


Gerry McNamara is an Irish missionary serving as the pastor of the Győr Free Methodist Church. Pray for Gerry as he also helps supervise the ministerial education and guidance process across Europe.

Costa Rica

Pray for the district vision of developing leaders, planting churches, strengthening Free Methodist identity and economic sustainability.

Set Free

Pray for new teams launching in Spain, Portugal, East Asia and the U.S. to help end modern-day slavery. 

Birthday: Ginger Coakley (Set Free US); 

Dennis Leon (Costa Rica)