June Heartbeat

Help Bring Hope to Cambodia

The median age in Cambodia is currently 25 years. [1] This high concentration of youths brings great challenges and time-sensitive opportunities. An estimated 96% of these youths are Buddhist in background, but the majority are drawn to Western consumerism. Like many youths everywhere, they are disillusioned, insecure and drawn to pleasure above all else.

Cambodia is broken. Poverty is significant. [2] Violence against women is a big problem, [3] and human trafficking is very prevalent with an estimated 261,000 Cambodians trafficked into forced labor and sexual exploitation. [4] Corrupt politicians and self-serving business leaders are taking advantage.

Where is the hope?

The Apostle Paul asks,

How, then, can they call on the one they have not believed in? And how can they believe in the one of whom they have not heard? And how can they hear without someone preaching to them? And how can anyone preach unless they are sent? As it is written: “How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news!” (Romans 10:14-15, NIV).

The Set Free Movement has a simple focus. We want to see people set free physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Not one aspect. All four. Only Jesus can do this. Only Jesus sets captives free. Jesus brings hope and healing. The hope of the world is Jesus.

The best defense against injustice is a strong, vibrant community of faith. Whether a discipleship group, house church, brick-and-mortar gathering or Christian service organization, together, centered on Jesus, values are formed and informed. The transformation of lives moves outward to transform communities.

All of the above is the reasoning behind our Freedom Sunday 2022 projects:

  • Church planting initiatives. Let’s plant thriving, discipleship-oriented churches in

Cambodia that will bring joyful, transformational change to the villages, cities and countries.

  • International Child Care Ministries (ICCM) support and expansion. ICCM has already proven to be a powerful bulwark against human trafficking. Let’s help ICCM thrive and grow in Cambodia.
  • Set Free Movement regional leader. Let’s effectively work to protect the vulnerable, end human trafficking and create new futures in Southeast Asia by appointing a national leader.

We have an opportunity to live into Paul’s question. We can help people believe. We can help send. We can be agents of transformation. The time is now.

Find out more about Freedom Sunday and register today at setfreemovement.com/freedom-sunday.


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Hope Project

by Laura Fitzpatrick, ICCM Writer

“Chiyembekezo” is the Chichewa word for hope. ICCM’s Chiyembekezo project seeks to care for the poorest of the poor in their community. More than half of the children sponsored through ICCM in Malawi are orphans. While some live with guardians or members of their extended family, the caretakers face difficulty in meeting their needs without help. Sponsorship through ICCM makes it possible for these children to receive holistic care.

The Chiyembekezo project is a place of hope for the community. It provides not only an education for many children but also proper nutrition and sustainable animal projects. As has been the case globally, Malawians suffered amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Since most of the children under ICCM Malawi’s care receive daily nutrition as they gather for school, the closing of schools meant ICCM Malawi had to shift its focus. They were able to continue providing the children with proper nutrition during the lockdown quarantines.

The Rev. Annie Mdazyola, ICCM Malawi national coordinator, has overseen this work and fostered its growth since 2013. In her words, “I am confident that when God called me into ministry, He wanted me to work with children.” To the generous donors of ICCM, she expresses, “There are children you’ve never met physically, but you have ‘met’ them by your giving.”

Praise God for the life-changing orphan care taking place through ICCM in Malawi and in multiple countries around the world.

She Didn’t Know …

By Vickie Reynen


Irene knew she wanted to go to university to pursue a teaching degree after graduating from high school. What she didn’t know was where she would get the funds. A year after finishing high school, she met and married her husband, and over the next 10 years, they had three children. Still, Irene’s desire to go to university remained.

In 2014, after being part of Tumaini Women Kenya (TWK) for two years, Irene took her first loan, enabling her to enroll in Mount Kenya University. In 2017, she graduated (with honors!) with a B.A. in education, majoring in Swahili and geography. Deeply grateful to have reached her goal, Irene was soon employed as a teacher.

Irene didn’t know God had so much more in store for her – opportunities reaching far beyond the classroom.

Just two years later, Irene attended a women’s conference where TWK sponsored a seminar raising awareness about the devastating impact of female genital mutilation (FGM). She learned of the impact on women, young girls, child brides and, in reality, the whole community. As Irene listened and learned from the speakers, something stirred within her. She knew this was happening in her rural area, and she knew she couldn’t not do something to stop it!

But how? Who was she? What could she do? She didn’t know what steps to take. But she knew she had to do something!

After she shared her interest and calling with TWK leaders, TWK arranged for Irene and three other group members to attend a four-day training session on how to stop FGM. Equipped with this information and training, Irene met with school principals, village elders and chiefs and began lining up speaking engagements. To date, Irene has been able to teach around 1,000 girls and women – and some men, too!

Irene says, “It is indeed my calling. I am mandated not only to sensitize others against FGM but also to create awareness on issues about child protection, sexual and gender-based violence, as well as to provide psychosocial support to girls who have undergone abuse. The scope of gender championship is broad, and I am so happy Tumaini Women Kenya trained me. Everywhere I go, I always introduce myself and Tumaini Women Kenya.”

Irene didn’t know all that God had in store – but God knew!

For more information about Tumaini Women Kenya go to www.tumainiwomenkenya.org.



World Missions Prayer Calendar: June

01 Wednesday | Europe

Pray for Mitch and Lynn Sue Pierce as they provide care and support for the European missionary team during a highly stressful and tension-filled period in Europe.

Birthday: Lynn Sue Pierce

02 Thursday | Colombia

Pray for Shane and Katie Jewell to have clear and appropriate focus as they prepare for ministry in Colombia. Pray they will have quality time with friends

and family that will allow the opportunity to say “good

goodbyes.” Birthday: Shane Jewell

03 Friday | Creative Access Asia-PN

Earlier this year, one leader of an FM network in this country held an evangelistic event attended by nearly 1,500 people. During the event, 900 people decided to follow Jesus! Give thanks and pray for the followup, discipleship and spiritual growth of these new Christ-followers.

04 Saturday | Middle East

Restricted access or creative access areas are countries where access by foreign missionaries is severely limited or strictly prohibited. Thank the Lord for national leaders in these countries, passionate followers of Jesus who boldly proclaim the good news.

05 Sunday | Philippines

Pray for a series of training events for missions mobilizers in the Philippines. These began in April and will continue during June, September and December. Birthdays: Sarah Clemente (Asia), Susan (Taiwan and Creative Access-IA)

06 Monday | Argentina

Praise the Lord for the house church at The Harbor in Buenos Aires. The weekly attendance is up to around 22, and after a membership class, eight were received as members on Easter weekend. Pray for this church and another house church being started in the city.

07 Tuesday | Zambia

Praise the Lord for a new and growing church plant in Monze! Ask God to use this new church to bring transformation in this community.

08 Wednesday | Iraq

The Noor Center serves thousands of refugees in one area of this country. Pray God will provide a wise, godly and compassionate leader to assume the role as director of the Noor Center.

09 Thursday | Japan

Pray for pastors, leaders and churches as they continue to seek the clear leading of the Holy Spirit for the expansion of God’s kingdom in Japan. Birthday: Gene Hall

10 Friday | São Tome and Príncipe

Pray the Lord will give physical, spiritual and emotional health as Moisés and Jacione Souza lead the expansion of the Free Methodist Church and training of national leaders in São Tome and Príncipe. Birthday: Moisés Souza (International Missionary)

11 Saturday | Ukraine

Pray for Ukrainian refugees scattered across Europe and for the nations, churches and individuals providing safety, help and hope.

12 Sunday | Spain

Ask God to give wisdom to Josh Fajardo as he leads the Europe team and seeks new opportunities on the continent. Pray for Josh and Susy’s wisdom and strength in caring for elderly parents.

Birthday: Josue Fajardo

13 Monday | Nigeria

Pray for peace and security in Nigeria. Pray God will open doors to new ministry opportunities and the expansion of the FMC.

14 Tuesday | Hungary

Kati McNamara is involved in full-time ministry in both Győr and Pécs, where she reaches out to orphans and the needy for Christ. Pray for opportunities to share the love of Christ with these vulnerable groups in Hungary.

Birthday: Kati McNamara (International Missionary

15 Wednesday | Missionary Care

Pray for Art and Sylvia Brown as they transition to a new role – coaching, equipping and strengthening FMWM’s missionary care team.

Birthday: Art Brown (U.S.-Based Partner)

16 Thursday | Egypt

Pray for growing cooperation between existing FM churches and the house church initiatives fostered through Impact Middle East.

17 Friday | Greece

Pray for Michael and Maria Long as they extend love and support to the Afghan refugees who began entering Greece in late 2021.

Birthday: Maria Long

18 Saturday | Nicaragua

Pray for Pastora Jenny Orozco, the mission district leader in Nicaragua. Ask God to give her wisdom as she addresses some legal issues regarding properties.

19 Sunday | Missionary Kids

Catherine, Daniel, Hannah, Isaac, Kaiden and Ruth are children of our missionary team who have recently graduated. Pray the Lord will guide them as they transition to new places and opportunities.

20 Monday | Russia

Pray Christians in Russia will courageously seek Jesus as the Way, the Truth and the Life.

21 Tuesday | Fiji

Pray for the newly developing churches in Fiji, with over 200 people and five leaders connected to the FMC.

22 Wednesday | Rwanda

Pray for new missionaries Emmanuel and Rachel Nzungize; both are nurses preparing to serve at Kibogora Hospital. Ask the Father to lead them to individuals and churches who will partner with them.

Birthday: Rachel Nzungize

23 Thursday | Set Free Movement

Pray for Set Free work in Cambodia and throughout Southeast Asia as they partner with FMWM-Asia to see transformational change in villages, cities and countries.

24 Friday | Middle East

Many in this region are hungry for hope. Use Psalms 25:5 as you pray. Lord, guide them to your truth and teach them, for you are their God and Savior. May their hope be in You all day long.

25 Saturday | Guinea Bissau

Pray for Pastor Rito Manda as he leads the work of discipleship among children, youth and their families.

26 Sunday | Creative Access Asia-VN

The FMC in this Asian country has a goal of seeing 700 new believers in 2022, an average of two per day. As they faithfully share the gospel message, pray they will surpass their goal.

27 Monday | ICCM

ICCM provides a Saturday and Sunday program for children in Ecuador, offering homework help, nutritious meals, spiritual teaching and friendship. Pray for the children being served and those serving them.

28 Tuesday | Thailand

Asia missionaries Jason and Wendi plan to move their family to Thailand this month to begin new ministry in Asia. Pray for them as they learn a new language and establish new connections and relationships.

29 Wednesday | Colombia

The Roller family will be stateside for a few weeks this summer. Ask the Father to help them as they make connections at churches, family camps and annual conferences, sharing the exciting stories of all God is doing in Latin America.

Birthday: Thad Roller

30 Thursday | 360 Mission District

Ask the Father to guide Dennis Leon in establishing a culture within the churches in the 360 Mission District to create transformed lives, sustainability and multiplication.

Birthday: Dennis Leon