Community Church Planting Training Event

Last weekend, leaders from Greece, Hungry, Spain, UK, and host country, Germany gathered together in Nürnberg, Germany for Community Church Planting (CCP) training.

Nürnberg is famous for being the unofficial capital of the Holy Roman Empire state as the Imperial Diet and courts met many times at the Nürnberg Castle. It is well known for the International Tribunal at the end of the WWII, when prominent Nazi leaders were tried, condemned, and executed for their crimes against the Jews. In this place, the Free Methodist Church Community Church Planting training was held.

This year, the FMC worked in partnership with the United Methodist Church of Germany, and were provided with using their beautiful facilities. Although, the training was sponsored by two separate denominations, it was open to any pastor or leader from any denomination or non-denominational congregation.

The event served as a good time to learn more about how to grow the Kingdom of God with the use of community groups.