Leaders Tell of Growth

by Pastor Nabil, Israel

The FM work in Israel is growing fast, in spite of being fairly new. It is healthy growth. Leaders are equipping and encouraging house church members in the faith. Some are taking a strong stand in their community. As we hear from these few leaders in Israel, join them on their journey and join them in prayer.

Standing in the Community

Logo I'billinMany new families are coming to know Jesus as Lord and Savior through the efforts of the IME team. Ellen* has started a new house church in a village northwest of Nazareth. The new group is very fervent. They designed a “Jesus is Love” logo (see picture) and printed it on T-shirts to wear during the town parades for Christmas and New Year’s. In this way, they can share with the majority of the town’s population, who are Muslims.
*Names in this story have been changed.

Married before God

BaptismAnother leader, Matthew, has helped an unmarried couple who had been living together put their lives on a right path with God. The man, Thomas, was a nominal Christian who never practiced his faith or attended church. The woman, Priscilla, was a Muslim but was distanced from her family. Matthew helped Thomas and Priscilla acknowledge the sin in their lives, and they decided to get married. Not only that, Priscilla expressed her desire to become a Christian. She received Jesus into her heart. To change her religion officially, Priscilla needed to be baptized in a registered church. She was baptized in a Greek Orthodox Church so the Interior Ministry recognizes her faith as a Christian, and Thomas and Priscilla can get married without any challenges. We praise the Lord for these two people. Their lives have changed. They are new followers of Jesus Christ.

Expanding Group

meeting at ZabadidaThe house church group in a village in the West Bank is growing. Arron, the leader, says new families are continually coming to the worship gatherings. The group has grown so much the house cannot contain the group, so it has started meeting in a relatively small hall.

Prayer Requests:

* Ellen asks for God to grant her wisdom in ministry and for provision of a video projector to assist in ministry.
* Matthew requests new young leaders to be trained for ministry.
* Arron asks God to send a male leader to be trained to help in planting new house churches.