Liu Jen’s Baptism

by Tim and Lily Kinkead, Taiwan

Liu-Jen receives  certificate of baptism

Liu-Jen receives certificate of baptism

Two ladies were baptized at our baptismal service on Resurrection Sunday. One of the ladies is Liu Jen, a 75 year old woman. Her daughter Helen was one of Tim’s English class students in his early days at the Chung Lun FMC. Helen’s two children Carrie and Lawrence were in Tim’s children’s English class at the church. Helen and Carrie are believers. One day Lily went to visit Helen’s mother and led her to the Lord. Helen and her two children, along with other family members, attended Liu Jen’s baptism. For some of this family, it was the first time they have attended a church service.

After the worship service, several from the church went to Liu Jen’s son’s house to take away the idols. We first covered the idols with a red cloth – the symbol of Jesus’ blood. After taking out the idols, we gave a scroll to Liu Jen’s son and daughter-in-law of 1 Corinthians 13.

Pray for Lily as she disciples Liu Jen every Saturday morning. Also pray for the continuing discipleship training for Helen and Carrie.

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